Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas weekend!!

We got tons of snow that is totally all melted now because of the wonderful warm weather lol but the day after it was all snowy i thought i would try to take Wil sledding, since we couldn't find a sled we luckily found a boat tube still all blown up in the garage so we thought it would slide nice and easy over the snow, but it turns out that plastic fabric whatever that tube was made outta doesnt slide so we pulled Wil up and down the hill a few times, laughing so hard i was almost crying, trying to take a picture while nick was pulling, it was really funny, but hey we tried!! lol it was more relaxing for Wil than anything he sat there all kicked back with the biggest smile lol.

As for christmas, i was looking at my camera pictures and i didnt take any pictures!!! i took a couple of videos with the video camera that nick got me, but the quality is a little messy i gotta play with it more, so here is my s.o.s to my mom and my uncle, please send me pictures!!! lol i was a real bad mom with the pictures this year!!!

Wil had a fun christmas morning, he got a lighning mcqueen couch that matches his bedroom set which he is in love with, he totes it around, likes to lay on it all unfolded and lounge in front of the TV. and he also got a Handy Many truck/workbench, he loves loves handy many, he holds the tools up and sings the handy many song. We had fun opening presents on christmas morning, and just hangin out together :)

My parents got to come up for christmas and stay with Steve and Sandi cuz there is more room there, and a bed for them lol but it was awesome to have them all here, Nick and i got my brothers todd and jake nerf guns for christmas and boy did it bring back childhood memories of being shot all the time by todd. Just for pay back for past experiences we got Jake my youngest brother a huge huge nerf machine gun that just blasted like 30 little darts without stopping and we got my brother todd a tiny little gun with only 3 darts, turns out 3 darts was still enough for him to be ridiculously annoying, he had wil hiding the dog running away and gave jake a big welt on his cheek but it was too funny so it was totally worth it, they are still boys lol.

This is jake with his huge gun.

We spent christmas eve out at the Burke's and while we were walking inside that evening the power went out!! so we had no power on christmas eve lol, it went out at about 7:30, so we did bath time and bed time by candle light, turned on the fire, good thing it still worked so we didnt freeze to death, then after we got all the presents under the tree it was about 8:15, nick and i would ususally go play video games or watch tv till we went to bed but we were really really bored. I mean it was kinda nice to get to spend some quality time with no lights lol but i mean seriously, it was a little boring :) I told him it was romantic and that we should make it a tradition for christmas eve to not use the tv or computers and he was like.... uhm no, lol but luckily we got the power back at 5:30 in the morning so that i could still make yummy cinnimon rolls for breakfast :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Too Cold!!

My poor Tango walks around shivering all day long lately and the past few days he has decided that he's not gonna go to the bathroom outside anymore that it is too cold and that he would rather take the punishment of sittin in his kennel and gettin smacked in his stinkin dog face than go to the bathroom outside. i half dont blame him but im real tired of dog business all over my stuff. I pulled out one of his old sweaters to send him outside in but he still has no interest, he will run out to where he normally goes then turn right back around and stare at me through the door and shake lol.

In the background you can see Wil with his silly haircut. Oh boy was that a fun story. I took him to a random salon last week to get his hair cut by someone who knows what they are doing better than me and it was a disaster. He screamed uncontrolably the whole time. No amount of hair covered suckers could solve his problem either. I'm not sure why he was so scared. he wouldnt even let the lady put the bib thing on him he screamed and tried to rip it off. Sitting on my lap didnt help either. I could do nothing but laugh. By the end we were both covered in sucker stick and hair pieces, i have the kid in a headlock the lady was holding his shoulders down so she could get his neck and we called it quits.

Ever since we got rid of the binki his ability to cope with anything has gone away, he is completely irrational alot during the day and the bigger i get the smaller my ability to handle it is lol. im really really hoping that he will get over this quick. we've come too far to go back to the binki. He has real issues at night, not falling asleep initially, thats fine but if he happens to wake up in the middle of the night like rolling over or whatnot he can't fall back asleep and then gets really irrational, throwing a fit and screaming and smashing his feet into the walls and ridiculous tantrum, he doesnt want you to touch him or be held if i pick him up he fights to get down then climbs back into bed and proceeds to freak out. ... sigh... i know what would fix it but i cant use it... so im not sure what else to do to help him, a drink of water doesnt help, sometimes i can sing to him and he will go back to sleep other times that doesnt even work... i feel so bad, my heart breaks :( my sweet boy never acted like this before, im worried im damaging his psychie. But then its only been 2 weeks, give it time right? Good news is that in just the past few weeks since there has been no binki his teeth are starting to move back already, pretty amazing, his bite is better, and the gap in his teeth is a little better too.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Couldn't resist!

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We went out to Okemos today to the mall to see Santa! Wil did really good, he was just a little shy and unsure but took a great pic. I felt bad for the santa they had there though, he was really old, and needed help to get little wil on his lap and moved really slow.

and binki update : still not using it! this is night number 3 now and he went to bed just fine, climed up by himself said goodnight and not a peep. he really did alot better than i thought he would, i totally underestimated him. At least now I know for baby #2 to not wait soo long.

Monday, December 8, 2008

No more binki :(

Yesterday on the way home from church as i shove Wil's binki in his mouth to stop the loudness in the back seat nick is like "i thought you were gonna get rid of that thing by now" I totally had every intention of getting rid of binkis when the kid was like 9 months old.... now hes 19 months old and still totally addicted to it, and the worst part is that i can see it messin his teeth up already, giving him a huge over bite and i still couldnt take it away!! i worked at a pediatric dental office for a few years i know what im supposed to be doing!!! aahhhh. im more attached to the stupid thing than he is cuz i can give him his binki and his blanket and then he will snuggle with me like he's still my little baby and not this crazy toddler runnin around breakin everything.
So yesterday nick and i made a comand desicion to stop giving it to him all together. i hid em all and now its over.
Its been harder on me than him it seems, except nap time yesterday was really hard, he cried for about 30 mins then i had to rock him to get him to fall asleep, and he only slept for barely an hour before he was up crying again. but last night was way better. he whined himself to sleep, woke up once at about midnight crying for his "nigh night" thats what he was calling it, and then thats it, and no metion of it yet this morning.
i just dont want him to be big yet. i'm not ready, its too fast. big boy bed, no binki, sittin on potties, doesnt like to cuddle any more.
see its way harder on me :(

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Weekend!!

We had an awesome time up in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving visiting my parents, i couldnt of asked for a better weekend, we tryed to get a nice family picture taken of all of us but it really really didnt work out well, theres only so much i can do from sitting down to make Wil smile at the camera, and our photo takers did the best they could so this is what we got lol, dont think itll go up on the wall anytime soon but we captured the moment lol. My mom's mom came up to visit from Iowa with my mom's sister and her family so we had a full house and it was great. We played lots and lots and lots of games, whether it was a board/card game, or Halo on the xbox 360, or any of the hillarious Wii games we played alot alot of games lol. Its best seein my mom and dad rockin out on guitar hero lol On Friday we went into the Wisconsin dells, which is like a town full of tourist traps and amusment parks in the middle of wisconsin, pretty fun stuff to look at and its only like a 15 min drive from my parents house. But we hit the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. This is Nick by the scary shark teeth. My lil sis walkin on the wobbly bridge Wil and Grandma posin, im not sure in front of what, i think thats the guy that got shot like 15 times in the face and didnt die lol Niether of my brothers would pose for me so i had to take funny candid shots and this is Todd. lol My dad lookin scared in the "indiana jones" type rooms lol all the stuff in this place is so random its hard to explain this pic is my favorite, lol these two were crackin me up the whole time we were in wisconsin, they are like 2 peas in a pod lol. West African Birthing statue, We are like twinsies :) Tango got to come with us on the 7 hour car ride and hang out with his BFF molly whom he hadnt seen in like a year and a half!!! he was so happy all weekend, he is kinda in a sad depression right now, he misses her and his little heart is broken. I tryed to give him his love monkey and tell him its just the same that the love moneky loves him like molly does but its just not doin it for him :) lol We came home saturday night and then it snowed alot on sunday so we went out to build a snowman, Wil leaned in to give it a big kiss and the snowman fell over before i could catch the picture, this is the broken hearted boy with his knocked over snowman. lol

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tango is 4!!

I can't believe the puppy Nick bought me for Valentines day before we got married is 4 now. It just doesnt seem possible, ask me that in 20 years though when tango turns 24 because these dogs have a really long life expectancy, then itll be wierd lol.
But our little Tango has been through alot in these past few years with new babies and moving he is a trooper. A little neglected now and then as you can see with his desperate need of a haircut today but he is still my little gentleman.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Candy Cigarettes and Pottys

There is a little convenience store right by Nick's new office and he is alawys telling me the random things he finds in there, they have everything you could ever want in this one tiny little store. Any kind of candy from any generation, well last week he found some candy cigarettes and came home and told me about em, you cant find stuff like that anywhere any more. for some reason they have become taboo but whatever lol i think they are funny so the next night he brought home a couple boxes lol, of course Wil loved em, anything candy is awesome but it was hillarious to watch him carry the box around holding the little sticks lol ... hahaha of course we got pictures lol

Now onto the potty story, every night at bath time for the last 2 weeks Wil has peed in the tub/shower (we dont have a bath tub so i stop up the shower with duct tape and use it as a bath lol he loves it just the same its a little ghetto but he has no idea) But he squats in the warm water and pees every night!! I'm like "No Wil!! no potty in the tub!!!" He says potty knows when hes going potty and always tells me when hes poopin so my mom suggested we get a little potty and see if he would go in that before he gets in the bath. cuz its nasty to take a bath in pee water everynight and i cant refill the bottom of the shower cuz the duct tape wont stick once the shower is wet lmao. So we now have a little potty that he pretends to go potty on during the day when mommy goes, so he knows what we are doing, then before bath we sit on it for a while talk about goin potty, all good intentions, never goes, gets in the shower squats and pees...... so the next night i put the potty in the shower with him. so that when he started to go i could move him to the potty, but what we ended up with was a wet floor and a confused Wil.

Gotta say im at a loss, the pee bath everynight is nasty but hes not understanding the potty quite yet lol.

We even made the potty a rockin potty with the extra Guitar hero stickers from the new game we got yesterday. still not cool enought to pee in though.

Looking back at these pictures Wil is startin to look like a hoodlem lol, box of cigarettes and skater stickers on his potty, we will look back in 15 years and mark this the pivitol point in his corruption lol juuuust kidding mom :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Did It!!

I put up the toddler bed yesterday, and really just expected to not get any sleep at all for the next week but i really want him in it and used to it before baby Cooper comes. So we had our normal night time routine, picked up all the toys, took a bath, brushed our teeth, said prayers and then laid him down like normal, all tucked in the new bed with his sheets and his little pillow, said night night and ..... that was it...... He slept perfectly all night long, like nothing was different and he couldnt just get up and go play with his toys, i am sooo amazed. i kept going to his door and listening to make sure i couldnt hear playing.. nothing, all night. Weird, he loves his bed with the truck and the car.

He played on his bed all afternoon. jumping, "body slamming" took his juice up there and his farm animals lol

Before Nick and I finally went to bed i went in to look at him just to make sure i wasnt going crazy and that is what we found, perfect little angel looking soo grown up, i teared up a little but it is good. we will see if he does as good tonight lol.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We had a fantastic weekend. My mom and lil sister came to visit from Wisconsin, so we had a blast hangin out and eating a ton. I was sad to see them go soo soon but the basement apartment gets a little crowded after a few days lol.
While they were here Nick's mom took us all to see High School Musical 3, of course i had already seen it on opening night lol but my mom and sister hadnt, we took Wil with us and he loved it! He had his little booster seat with his popcorn and juice and candy. He is truly a kid that takes after his parents, movies are our favorite things, and watching him so contently watch the movie cracked me up, most kids his age wouldnt even think to sit still for that long :)
Then on halloween we got all dressed up and went Trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I have never in my life seen so many kids in a few block radius before it was crazy fun. Wil had been practicing saying "trick-or-treat" for a few days i thought he would at least try to say it but he got stage fright lol, it was a little over whelming but he was a trooper. he had his little bloody knife that he carried with him the whole time and walked right up to people's houses.
About half way down our street one of our neighbors had a little pit stop set up in their garage, they had buffet tables set up with 4 different kinds of doughnuts and apple cider with tables and chairs set up in the driveway, it was really really nice, so we stopped and grabbed a doughnut on our way by. I think i had more fun than anyone. It was so warm outside it couldnt have been more perfect then we sat and handed out candy till it was bedtime.

Tonight we are packing up the crib and setting up the toddler bed!! wish me luck :) i think he is totally ready but i am also ready for a few sleepless nights till he gets used to it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Worst mom award goes to....

So with all the caos of moving and being pregnant again and everything that happened in the last few months i totally forgot that Wil goes to the doctor for well baby check-ups still!!!!! hes 18 mo now and hasn't been to the doctor since his birthday :( we missed his 15 mo checkup and shots and now almost his 18mo check-up and shots..... im a bad mom lol, the new doctor's office was prolly scared when i told em i was gonna have another

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My goal for the week

Wil is gonna learn em all!! and then make us millions of dollars and get to be on Ellen. might take u smore than a week, but as long as he's still little we'll be famous for sure

Monday, October 27, 2008

Carvin Pumpkins

Last night we put in out favorite Halloween movie "The Nighmare Before Christmas" and turned on the fireplace lol and carved pumpkins to our heart content, Wil was totally fascinated with the movie which was good cuz it always seems to take us forever to carve pumpkins.

We bought little face pieces that you stick in the pumpkins for Wil, Nick thought he could handle the knife but i think we will wait a few years till we let him at it :D but he had a great time picking out the eyes and the teeth that he kept trying to brush cuz they looked dirty lol.

When they are all carved i pour cinnamon on the tops of the pumpkins so that when the candles burn it smells like pie so Wil thought it would of course taste as good as it smelled. it did not
The finished product, Mine is the one on the left with the spider and the spider web, Nick did the witch on the right.

My cute/scary spider

Nick's scary witch.

Excuse the no makeup/bad hair, though the dorky kissy face makes up for it, had to show of the belly, i realized this morning that i have only one pic of me pregnant with Wil. i have one pic at 5.5 months then nothing till my baby shower, i was trying to compare how big i am to last time, but there was no pics.... im a bad mom lol

Saturday, October 25, 2008

though i feel as big as a house i still must not look obviously pregnant because today on my way into the library with my child a dude leaving the library asked me if i smoked and if i had a ligher cuz he lost his lol, im like "uhm no" and try harder to stick my huge belly out but he must not have been convinced lol, oh well. i thought it was funny

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lady in my ward took my baby name! I have been planning on naming my second son Cooper since I was pregnant with Wil, it was really what i wanted to name wil but got trumped out of it and have been planning on naming this one Cooper since then! Well a lady in my ward had her kid last week or not so long ago and freaking stole my name!!! what do i do, i wanted to be origional the only one in his class at least with that name now he wont even be the only one in nursery with the name, and its a family name, Nick's middle name is Cooper, Nick's grandma's maiden name was Cooper and the whole family line died out with her so its kinda importante. im bummed, now since im gonna have my kid second everyone will think that i copied her name. sigh, did i mention that im bummed. lesson learned, dont tell people your baby names or they will get stolen, u dont think people will do that but it happens.

Monday, October 20, 2008

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

I dunno why i had such a hard time getting this to post lol but it has made its rounds on a bunch of different blogs now lol. I found this on my cousin's blog and thought it was awesome.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend at the orchard

It must have been the thing to do to go to the orchard on the last nice weekend of the year but man did we have fun. We went to Erwin Orchard in South Lyon, It was busier that Disney World on Spring Break but w/e it was still way fun. I got Nick to pose for the above pic and of course he made a retarded face. I'm going to make a huge slide show of all the pictures i have of nick and every single one he will have a dorky smile, thumbs up or look just plain retarded..... sigh, but i have stopped caring and im gonna post em anyways lol, thats how my kids will remember thier dad, witht he dorky faces.

Wil had a blast running through the pumkin patch wiping dirt off of every pumpkin and trying to pick up all the "balls" it was a field of balls and he was so excited lol, to bad they were all really heavy.

This one kept him busy for a while.

While we were cleaning off all the orange balls Nick was hunting for the perfect carving pumpkin. He studied half of the pumpkins in the field very carefully maing sure he got the biggest and most perfect pumpkins for us to carve. lol, he cracks me up

While we were waiting for the tractor to come pick us up nick and wil went for a walk through the apples, it was too cute.

Wil and I on the tractor ride. It was soo much fun, they take you all around the orchard through the different kinds of apples making stops at each kind so yuo could stop and pick a few, this place was huge!! by the time we got done walking we wanted to go play with all the kid fun stuff but we were so stinkin tired. we got our apple cider and doughnuts and booked it outta there.

This is Wil in front of his very first house. (that hasn't sold yet) if anyone wants to burn it down we can work something out, we will give you half the insurance money... lol jk..... but seriously

Friday, October 10, 2008

Screaming Baby

I have been trying to catch this on video for the last 2 weeks and i finally caught a little bit. Wil's favorite song is Old McDonald had a Farm. We sing it all the time. aaallll the time. So now apparently he thinks that EiEiOo is an actual word/scentence. He uses it for everything, but lately he has been crying in EiEiOo's. something is stuck in his room, he falls and gets hurt, i hear "aaahhhh eieioooooo aaahhhh eieieoooooo" lol, so if u listen closely this video is of Wil in timeout crying in eieiooo's lol, and a few extra pics that are cute from this week :)

One nap a day really wears us out

This one is for the girlfriends, oh the embarrassment in his future.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This pregnancy, just as my last one, I am most afraid of stretch marks. My belly already looks like a zebra from my last kid if i get any more stretch marks this time Nick will leave me.... lol... but seriously. So i have been experimenting with differnt types of goop to rub on my belly to moisturize it. At walmart this week i picked up some of this stuff
It as the consistency of pomade that you put in ur hair but smelled really yummy so i picked some up, brought it home and lathered up. later that day as i'm sitting with my feet up i get the worst ever craving for candy.. cotton candy... like i have to have some now or ill die. So nick brought some home. lol the next day, i shower, lather up the lotion again, im sitting hanging out with Wil and i need candy again, like desperate need, im rifiling through the kitchen when i realize that its the dumb lotion making me crave sugar!!! the lotion smells exactly like cotton candy!!! jerks, how could they do that in a product made for pregnant women, its just cruel, so do i sacrifice the lotion making me get more stretch marks, or do i keep using the lotion and eat a huge bag of candy every day??
ugh, stuck between a rock and a hard place lol.