Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This is turning out to be quite the long post with all these pictures! But we will start with one of Wil and I. With the new camera i bought that day! I lost my camera, and after looking and looking and looking and crying and looking Nick told me to just go get a new one! Cuz we seriously couldn't miss out on pictures of the biggest weekend in Wil's 3 years of life lol. He has been talking about shaving his head to be like the airbender for over a month, and he has been planning on being the airbender for halloween for longer! So after we got a new camera! We set out to shave the airbender's head for our playgroup party the next morning!
Had to cut it into a Mohawk first! couldn't miss that shot! We were nervous that Wil would freak out, he hates hates hates getting his hair cut, never lets me use the clippers (in his case the bzzzzzerezz) He acts like everyone of his hairs has a nerve in it and that it is literally killing him when i cut his hair.... So, needless to say we were expecting the worse. We taped a picture of the airbender costume on the mirror, so he could focus on the goal. But he ended up being so excited and pumped for this that he did great, sat still and acted like a normal kid. hes prolly been playin me all along

His hair was so long, it was kinda hard for me to do it, but it looks great, he has a nice shaped head, so no worries!

This is Cooper's pumpkin! This is my favorite pic of all time i think, i like the lighting, i love the little pumpkin face. ima use it for my desktop background for years to come. it makes me smile

Airbender the pumpkin! (seriously this kid is obsessed)


Cooper had to have his face painted too, so nick tryed to draw a clownish thing on there. He looks like a hot mess in this pic, but at least he has his clothes on, he usually doesn't.... lol

Then last minute Nick thought it would be a good idea if he dressed up as Appa
the airbenders giant flying water buffalo! lol So i took the idea and ran with it. i got a big queen sized blanket (cuz we needed a new one for our bed anyways) and made an Appa backpack out of it!

This is us! at the trunk-or-treat at church! I dressed up as Jesse to go with Cooper as Buzz Lightyear and then we have the airbender and Appa!!

Wil absolutally LOVED Appa, and Nick hillariously bent down for every pic lol. Wil was in heaven, it was a blast, and so worth all the work to see how happy he was

Aang and Buzz trick-or-treating on our block! Cooper is really into Toy Story and especially Buzz, he has the blankets for his bed and a stuffed Buzz that he sleeps with, He flys around the house pretending to be Buzz and talks like buzz before he flys he says "and Beyond!!!!" then goes "Pppssshhheeewwwwww" as he flys away, he was equally excited to be buzz as wil was to be aang!
Our neighbors with the fresh doughnuts never disappoint! the smell lingers down the whole street! They make the doughnuts right in their garage and give out cider and hot chocolate with them! it is about halfway between our house and where we stop and turn around, just the perfect spot for a snack! we have the best street for trick-or-treating!

One Last pic of Aang and Appa! They have been wrestling and riding and killing the fire nation with appa since halloween! I keep waiting for him to fall apart so that i can wash him and put him on my bed.... he looks cozy!