Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby 3!

Had another appt today!!! was real nervous again but all is well!!!! I'm so excited, I got to have another ultrasound :) The little guy was crazy moving all over the place! It was awesome to get to watch for a little while :)
I was telling Wil this morning that he was going to go to aunt heather's while I went to the doctor to check on the baby. He was so sincere when he said "But mom, can I go too? I wanna check the baby and see the doctor too?" I told him we prolly wouldnt get to see the baby or get more pics ( i didnt know they would do an ultrasound today) and he was sure he said "mom i really want to hear the baby's heart beat please can i go with you?" and of course if Wil wants to do it then Coop wants to also. They were really great. Wil had an awesome time. He totally knew what he was looking at during the ultrasound, his face was the second best part. He said "That baby is freakin out in there" cuz it really was.
I feel so much more confident now about his baby and pregnancy, I am so excited! So are wil and Coop.
Wil says he wants a "sister baby" and coop says he wants a "sister baby" too. :)
I would love a sister baby, but i will also loooove another brother baby, cuz my other two brother babies are pretty stinkin awesome