Thursday, November 3, 2011

halloween, halloween and more halloween!!!

We had soooo many halloween parties this year it made this holiday last forever!!!! I really was great though, we got our moneys worth out of our costumes!! I was going to make the boys' ninja costumes, but the fabric just sat on the table for a week or two, after i started it it wasnt looking as awesome as i wanted them to look but it would have worked just fine, Nick stopped at the halloween store one afternoon after class and called me and was like "These ninja costumes are the perfect colors.... they look really awesome" So im like "so your saying that my costumes suck and we should just buy them so the kids look cool??" lol
So i didnt end up making them at all, which is fine cuz they really liked the ones daddy got them, and the swords dad got them. Hes cooler than me and im okay with it!!!
Oue first activity was trunk or treat at church!! we played awesome games like making me a mummy as seen in the above picture, and trick or treated inside door to door since it was raining :) I got to debut my awesome skeleton shirt :) i bought the iron on decal online and put it on a t-shirt :) i kinda melted some of it, and prolly could of made one with freezer paper, but again my motivation for being crafty seems to be lacking since the baby ate my brain.
The next morning was our playgroup halloween party!!! which is always a big hit!!! they played more awesome games! like push the pumpkin races, and pumpkin bowling,
donuts on a string, cooper missed this one because he ws throwing a fit in the hallway,
Then the next day we went trick or treating at Bill's office down in detroit! Where they got sooooo much candy they both filled their pumpkins and were working on filling a walmart bag by the time we were done!! it was awesome, we will be eating candy forever.... My sister-in-law announced to her parents that she was expecting with a preggy skele shirt like mine, we were twinsies!!! Her mom was and is so stinking excited!!! This is Heather's 5th kid! and noone was expecting her to have anymore cuz her youngest is 8! so we are all awesomely excited!!!!! Its going to be awesome to have so many babies around :)
Then Monday started out with a preschool party! They had a parade through the kindergarten and first grade class rooms and Wil was just beaming through the whole parade, it was adorable!
Then that night, after some much needed afternoon naps we hit the road! Wil ran house to house, but coop had a hard time walking/seeing in his mask and was a little slower and fell an awful lot!! i think next year we will be able to just stay in the street while the boys run house to house :) prolly with a little butterfly or something equally adorable and girly in the stroller :D
Our favorite stop!! the donut house!!!! fresh homemade donuts and cider served out of the garage, perfect half way point :)
when we got home we dumped out all of the candy from the whole week. Coopers first instinct was to throw it up in the air like you do with leaves.... or money.... lol he wanted to roll in it also, then we ate and ate and ate as much as we could in 5 minutes )
I forgot to get pumpkins........ big deal, big stinkin deal, Nick is so busy and we always try to go to the pumpkin patch together to pick our pumpkins, he never really had time, then the saturday before i was grocery shopping and there was a mad rush at the front of the store for pumpkins, and my thought was "i should prolly grab some, theres no way they will run out though right?" oooooo so wrong!!! sunday on our way home we thought we would stop at kroger and grab some.... all gone, meijer, gone walmart, gone, patch on the cornor, gone. I was so emotional about not having pumpkins. I still am sad about it :(
then i thought that wil wouldnt remember, we hadnt talked to much about, but the whole time we were trick or treating he was telling everyone that we were going to go home and carve our pumpkins and that his will look just as awesome as all the pumpkins we saw at everyone's houses LOL sigh
epic parenting fail
we had a couple little pumpkins that we got a few weeks ago at our field trip to the patch, so we let the boys carve those. Wil kept asking where mommy and daddy's big pumpkins were :(
I dont think i have missed a halloween of carving pumpkins in my whole life.... my whole life... sigh
note to self: next year buy pumpkins the Week before halloween at least.... not the day before lol
live and learn