Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Camping and Poop

 We had a fire in the backyard last night and let the kids stay up crazy late (till like 10) on a school night,  it was a blast. Daddy told ghost stories, Wil had some good ones too about Zombie Marty and Alex, and dragons. They had been asking to go "camping" for a while now,  thank goodness they dont want to sleep outside in tents yet,  im not all about that.
 Then this morning was the Mother's day Brunch at Wil's preschool!!  We ate lots of good food and Wil made fun crafts for me. I had an awesome crown to wear and the preschoolers had a cute song to sing for us.

On a completely unrelated note, I have a gross story that I need to remember because it was such a gross day but i had to laugh to keep from crying lol. We musta ate something really gross, but Coop went in to go to the bathroom,  about 10 mins later i went in to check on him to make sure he was okay. There was poop everywhere.... literally everywhere...  his little undies where on the ground,  it looked like he had bent over to take them off, butt pointed at the changing table/dresser and when he bent over he exploded out the back, all over the dresser and it was dripping everywhere,  then he stepped in it,  and smeared it everywhere on his way to the toilet, then when he was done, tryed to wipe it up, so it was on his hands,  on the shower door,  on the wall,  on his shirt,  he was standing in the middle of this amazingly biggest poo mess i had ever seen, when i walked in he was so embarassed,  he just kept saying "im sorry mom! im sorry mom!"  oh man, 
THEN later I went in there to change ember,  it still smelled like bleach in there.  She had a suuuuper full poo diaper, so i assumed she was done,  while i had her diaper off she exploded all over the changing table,  it shot across the table and hit the door inthe bathroom and was dripping all down to the floor......   then i get her all cleaned up,  assuming she is done again,  went through 2 more diapers in the next 3 minutes..  then just sat there with her sitting on a wipe till she was done 10 minutes later, once i had everything cleaned up, i stuck a diaper back on her,  and she went again.....  sooo much.    we went through 5 diapers in one changing!!!  aaaahhhhhhhhhhh
so much poop....  Nick comes home and says "It smells like a skunk in here"   i wanted to cry a little

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Started April out with Easter!!!!   it wasnt too exciting this year, but still very fun!  We colored eggs a few days before, I made matching Skirts and Ties for us all to wear to church and we had an egg hunt right away in the morning :) 
 After church we had yummy food with Grandma and Grandpa B, and they had a scavenger hunt, with a map to help us find the treasure. It was really cool and the boys had a lot of fun :)

 Other than that we have been just tryin to get used to normal life with all 3 kids, it has been overwhleming but the boys love thier sister and are super sweet with her. She is the best and prettiest baby :)
 Ember was chillin in my bed one morning, sometimes she ends up in bed with me by the time that morning comes, but Wil went in there and was just cuddling her, it was the sweetest
 Wil had  birthday and turned 5!!!!  holy smokes....  its hard to believe that he is that old.

 Ember had her 2 month check up on May 3rd,   she weights 11.3 lbs, she is 23inches long and in the 75th percentile!!  (what a tiny baby lol :)
 Rachel came and stayed for a little over a week,  Rachel and Ember really bonded,  they have daily couch naps,  what ever will we do for nap time when rachel leaves :(

For school Wil needed a picture of him and I together....  SO this is the best we got,  I took about 30 million....  we are soooo not photogenic  lol


 March was a pretty big deal,  My mom stayed for almost a week, she was so sick of hanging out here from her 3 week stay while i was in the hospital that she didnt want to stay too long,  my everyday life makes her too tired lol,  this was rachel seeing the baby,   she is out at BYU,  didnt get to come for a visit until the end of april :)
 My brothers and parents were able to come up the weekend before easter to bless the baby!  They all got to meet Ember and hang out for a couple days,  it was cold and rainy so we played video games, and uncle Todd took the boys fishing in the back yard

 Blessing day!!  The dress Ember wore was the dress that I was blessed in as a baby,  My friend Lara took some pictures of her in it a few days before, they turned out amazing!!
 I feel like kindergarten round up was at the beginning of march,  it was,  and the blessing was at the end,  but!!!  This kid is headed to kindergarten in the fall!!  all day every day!!!  I only cried a little when they handed him the owl that had a shirt on that said "Howell Public Schools, Class of 2025"  
 When Ember was 2 weeks old we headed to the Zoo!!!   lol  im stupid, but it was still fun! We had a week of 80 degree days and felt we needed to take advantage of them

We also had a marshmallow war before we got new carpet,   we waited in the shadows for nick to come home and had a blast pelting eachother with marshmallows

And,  that was a few of the highlights from March!!  Look out blog! I'm updating you!!!  lol