Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My mom sent us an awesome easter package that we got yesterday, Thanks ssooooooo much mom for the cutest most non-annoying singing rabbit in the whole world!! ....... lol i heard that song in my sleep last night....... aaaanyways! We are so tired of it being cold!! the lake looks sooo nice every morning i hope and hope it will be at least nice enough to play in the sandbox but no...

on Saturday while nick was home with the baby we went exploring outside! the best part of having a grandma upstairs that never throws stuff away is all the sweet stuff we find!! while digging through the garage we found a swing and 2 of the coolest bikes! plus lots more misc toys and fishing poles for little kids lol

I was so worried for weeks that this poor kid was going to have an outtie belly button, not that there is anything wrong with outties... they just look a little wierd, and for a baby with a chin and cheeks like that with funny poofy curly hair the LAST thing he needed to top it all off was an outtie!!! but its officially not an outtie!! hooray!!! takes a little worry outta my life lol

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

for grandma

Wil got some new church clothes a few weeks ago, grandma wanted to see how studly he looks in them. Here ya go grandma, Wil was having a chapped face day, so hes got vaseline all over his face, hence the red and shiney glow :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

what we are up to

A little bit of this

A little bit more of this

lots of this

and a little more of this

and we've gotten to play outside a little too :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So its been a little more than three weeks with the new baby and we are surviving. yeah thats what you can call it, it was great the first week when my mom was here, she made everything so easy and played with Wil and kept everything clean. Having to do it all myself is exhausting, i can't comprehend what it would be like to have more than 2 kids.... ever, but we'll talk about that again in like 4 years... Cooper looks like a cabage patch doll with his huge chunky cheeks and curly hair, it cracks me up, he is super sweet and cuddly, he only likes to take naps in his bassinett when its quiet, if Wil is around he gets super angry, and he doesnt like to sleep in a chair, or really with you holding him for too long, hes kinda particular. But i am learning lol. Wil is adjusting great, he is gentle and a huge help, puttin binkis back in the babies mouth, getting diapers or finding the binki when it is lost. He's only tried to poke Coop's eye one time, maybe 2.
I am having the hardest time getting back into real life. especially because my car is broke and stuck at my sister-in-laws and nick takes the other car, soooo i get to sit inside all day everyday, its been since saturday since i have gotten outta here.... im going nuts.... and nick is going out of town for the weekend so there goes my only form of adult conversation till monday.... lol its really not funny but i gotta laugh so i dont cry. I didnt really get to depressed with Wil at all but after this baby, living in my in-laws basement, with no working car right now.... its really really really hard to stay on the sunny side of everything. i have lost the will to shower, very sad, but hopefully it will warm up, the car will get fixed and we can play outside, and go to the library like normal.