Monday, September 24, 2007


I think Tango is feeling left out with all this baby stuff so I thought id give him a post all of his own!!

I love my boys!!

Train ride to Wisconsin!!

So last week Wil and I took a nice little trip up to Wisconsin to see my parents and their new house! We took the train from East Lansing to Chicago, then from Chicago to Wisconsin Dells. I thought the train would be a better idea then driving 8 hours by myself with the baby, we could just ride and make it there in the same time, so that Wil wouldnt have to be stuck in his carseat for 8 hours. But the train ride deffinately wasnt all sunshine and daisies!! The first train really didnt have very much room and we were on it for 4 hours maybe 5 hours if u add all the delays. I deffinatly was that person on the train that everyone hated! it was soooo very quiet all except for my crying baby! He was so bored and just kinda miserable towards the end. and that train smelled like port-a-potty! ick.

Once we got to Union Station it was a bit overwhelming! I am a small town girl lol. Thankgoodness Janee let us borrow her baby carrier, it was a life saver!! So i had him strapped to the front of me, the diaper bag on my back the baby car seat on one arm and one suit case on the other, a really nice lady helped me carry the other big suitcase to the baggage claiming part so that i could get a cart. I thought we would be able to check our bags like at the airport, nope!! boy was I wrong. So we had to rely on the kindness of strangers alot. Good thing that alot of old people ride Amtrak!! lol

The Second train was much better out of Chicago, it was this awesome double decker train, there was soo much room in the seats it was great and there was a lounge/observation car, where they had an awesome snack bar and comfy seats to walk around and sit and play. We loved that train! too bad the same one doesnt go back to Michigan :(

Hangin out with my parents was a blast. Their house is not as small as my mom says it is! And the part of Wisconsin they live in is really pretty! On saturday we went to Devil's lake. it was sooo cold!!!

There was a triathalon going on that day too! those people were crazy jumpin in the cold cold lake!! lol

There are gorgeous rocks and cliffs all around the lake. In the summer you can jump off the cliffs into the lake. sounds like so much fun!
Wil got to go for his first swing ride at the park! He had so much fun! kinda scared the crap outta me tho!
What an adventure!