Tuesday, August 26, 2008

moving while your pregnant sucks.... really really sucks!!! its hard and stressful anyways, throw in a stressed out hubby, a 16 month old thats having a hard time sleeping in the new place and ridiculous hormones and u've got lots of tears from the preggo.. lol
buuuut. we are settled in sort of. all of the important stuff is here in howell, there will be a few more trips back to lansing to get all the random things that didnt fit in the back of the tiny baby u-haul lol.
Nick will start his new job in detroit at the beginning of next week so here we sit in this gorgeous basement apartment at his parents house till our house sells. which with the current housing market could be forever!!!! but i am not complaining, this basment apartment is way nicer than any apartment we could have gotten.
Nick's parents live right on a lake in howell. we have 2 bedrooms a huge bathroom, living room dining room, fireplace, full size kitchen, dishwasher!!!! (i have been with out for tooooo long!!!) and central air! which we didnt have either, 2 sets of nice french doors, one in our bedroom, that over looks the rap around porch and the lake. and one in the dining room. i am so spoiled, they shouldnt have made it so beautiful down here we may never leave!!
once i find and unpack the box with my adapter to get the pictures on the computer i will post em :)