Friday, May 2, 2014

Pictures to go with April

Hot mess

It is always a rough end to pregnancy for me,  and its no different this time around lol.  Baby Noname is giant,  and sucking the life out of me, and I am so ready, though he is happy and content in there,  im swelled up in places that shouldn't be and sore all over, not sleeping or eating too much cuz if I do I get awful heartburn. cant eat passed 6pm because then I can not sleep due to said heartburn.....   miserable!!!   My uniform is a black tank top and yoga pants.... everyday,  nothing else fits,  sometimes ill throw on this ugly maxi dress I got a few summers ago to match my cousins :) at least its comfy :) 
Wil's birthday was Wednesday. Easter was the weekend before that,  Nick has been going through some insane job stuff that I cant get into,  We have both boys in baseball with games 3 times a week in different cities most nights lol. and I have been having contractions for the last month and a half. Tired doesn't seem to be the word right now lol.
I am so grateful for Nick,  he is amazing,  really really,  working all day and into the night most nights,  home when he needs to be and at all the games he needs to be at. He is quite literally Superman.......  then we both crash into bed in an exhausted heap at 9-930 just to do it all again at 530 the next morning lol...  I love it, its busy but im done being pregnant and im ready for my mom to come and take care of me for a while. also excited to meet this baby,   overly anxious to meet this baby :)  I love babies,  if money grew on trees I would have 11 of em :)
But back to my hot mess story... lol.  The day before Wils birthday was an awesome field trip to a wild life ranch, I have never missed a field trip and it gives me great anxiety to have him go alone,  so we had Nick lined up to go with him. But Nick was unable to take a day off to go too...... So I was convinced I was going only to be shot down by my husband who told me no,  that I would not be going into labor 45 mins away on a field trip with a bunch of first graders and that I was being dumb and he would be fine by himself..... So I sent his teacher a message giving her my sad story and she was wonderful and sent me picture messages of the field trip every 20 mins all day long :)  So I got awesome pics of him getting kisses from camels and what not,  I will upload pictures after I write this post out.....
So the next day was his birthday, I told his teacher we would bring cupcakes to school. So in the morning Cooper and Ember and I headed to walmart to get an ice cream cake for wil because that's what he wanted and to get some cupcakes because I desperately didn't want to cook them,.....  So we got 2 giant things of cupcakes and took them home,  the teacher wanted us to bring the cupcakes in at 2,  which is right in the middle of princess's nap time, but whatever,  she would have to get over it,  which she chose not to. So walking into the building she refuses to walk or stop crying or really be pleasant at all,  I decide Cooper can help since im giant and already have a huge baby inside me and now have to carry the pain in the butt 2 year old inside I hand him the cupcakes 2 big boxes with 12 in each box,   Hes got his chin on the top of them he can totally do this. I tell him "Coop, watch the curb you have to step up don't move yet" and in that same sentence he trips over the curb and tumbles the cupcakes all on the sidewalk..............  Hes bleeding,  and crying,  ember is crying,  cupcakes all topsyturvey in the box...........    pivotal moment.... cry or laugh..... cry? or laugh?   I laughed,  kissed cooper wiped the blood off  shook the cupcakes right side up, and we walked into the building.....  Turns out that it was someone elses birthday too and that there was a mom there with cupcakes already........  and the teacher forgot that I was bringing them that day too lol...... So I walk in with me tumbled cupcakes,  hair not done, no make up glasses yoga pants,  tired 2 year old who refuses to leave the hallway,  also I didn't even think about napkins or drinks lol.... And this mom has cute little frozen homemade cupcakes with matching napkins that all have alittle ring on them and juice boxes already layed out and opened so that the kids don't have to worry about a thing.....  They both look at me and are like "are you ok?"   lol...... yeah im fine,  heres your freakin cupcakes im going to sit down,  ive failed today lol  the kids all ate both cupcakes like it was no big deal and Wil was totally happy to have us there even though ember lied on the ground in the fetal position the whole time.
We came home then and waited for Dad to do presents and dinner. Wils reactions were awesome,  he is the best kid and most grateful. He had a long long long list of things that we would never get him,  well that were really hard to get for him, but he wanted a drum set,  a bike, a computer, new 3ds games. just mainly a lot of really expensive things.
So when it came time to open presents I only had 2 little ones for him to open.... and the rest were hidden in a closet. Grandma and Grandpa O got him a new bike,  a cheap one, but awesome non the less, and Nick found an amazing drum set that is electronic,  that he can wear headphones with and I can not hear, and it really is the coolest thing just what he wanted. When we brought out the bike he was extatic but when we brought out the drums he jumped on nick in a giant hug that knocked them both down :)   totally worth it.......  it wasn't too expensive either and Grandma and Grandpa Blaine went halvsies on it with us..    perfect birthday.......  But one of the cords didn't come with the drums,  so nick was set on this kid getting to play it that night and drove all around sanger down into denton looking for this cord, then drove down to guitar center in Lewisville which is about 40 mins away only to have the guy there tell him you have to pull it out of one of the legs and cuz it was tucked into the set..........  then by the time nick got back he had missed  the majority of the evening (for no reason) and the boys had to stay up a while after bed time for cake and drum playing lol..........  just had to laugh not to cry........
the next day I woke up at 4am with contractions took meds at 5,  still not working lots of contractions,  about 3 mins apart, just annoying enough to not sleep through,   dropped wil off at school and headed to L&D where they told me to drink water and that I was still at a 3 baby is not coming.   got home,   laid down for a bit,   then went to get wil from school and locked my keys in the apartment , had to wait for a maintenance guy to come unlock the door and was late to pick up wil from school for the first time ever......  lol
get this baby out of me,   im a hot mess  :) 
life is hilarious,   just needed to write this stuff down because this is the stuff you cant take pictures of and forget lol