Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cooper James

This is alot for journaling purposes as well as to tell the whole story so if its long or boring or i say somethin gross ... sorry... lol
So Nick and i were playing video games on our romantic valentines day evening when i started having contractions every few minutes, which wasnt really uncommon for me because i have been having contractions for weeks now, but as usual i start timing them they were 3 mins apart and sort of strong for a while, when it got to be around an hour i told nick and decided to call the dr. we packed up quick and headed to the hospital, it was about 10pm when we got there, i was 4 cm so they kept me, it seemed like it took longer to get all the paper work filled out then the actual having the baby part. the dr came in about a half hour later and broke my water so i asked for an epidural, they were still waiting for my blood work to come back and said that they needed to wait for that before they could get me one and that it would slow down my labor anyways so they wanted me to wait a little bit...... i was not happy, 5 minutes and 2 contractions later i asked again, cuz they hurt really freaking bad and she said that "we dont want to slow down the labor so we want to wait just a little bit if i could hold on" 5 minutes later (prolly longer but it seemed real quick) i called the nurse again and said that i didnt care if it slowed down labor i wanted it now so they got the epidural guy in there real quick and he was awesome, he had the paper work done and everything in in only 6 mins lol. so once i was feeling a little better, i pushed the med button one time they came in and checked me and i was at an 8-almost 9!!!!! no freaking wonder it hurt so bad, my gosh, im still really glad they didnt check me before the epidural because they prolly wouldn't of let me get it. like a half hour later i was ready to push already, after a few pushes they got the dr in there, with barely enough time, he comes rushing in and im in the middle of pushing and the nurse tells me to stop!! im like stop?!?! are u serious?!?! get it out!!! lol the dr is throwing on his cape and gloves as fast as he can and 2 pushes later the baby was here!! lol, checked in at 10 cooper was born at 2:30 am, 4 hours, not bad at all

8lbs 6oz, with the biggest cheeks and double chin i have ever seen on any baby in my whole life lol

Wil and Nick came back the next morning at about 11am so that Wil could meet his brother, he was so sweet, all he wants to do now is give the baby hugs and kisses, and gets so worried when he crys

its so wierd how completely different he looks from Wil, Cooper looks just like his dad, he has this tiny little man face, every time i look at him i see nick and i love it. i never thought i would love havin so many boys around, its totally great!

this video is rather long but this is wil meeting his little brother cooper for the first time, he is really unimpressed, and still seems to be no big deal about it, im so glad, but we will give it a few more days.

Today we took Coop in to the dr and she said he looked a bit yellow, i didnt really think so, he has been an amazing eater, latched on right away and has had no problems at all since, but we took him to the lab and waited for test results all afternoon, well when they called i got all scared aparently his billiruben level is at 15, so they sent over a billiblanket for us to leave him wrapped in for 24 hours, or until his levels go down lol, it is the wierdest thing, he is like radioactive baby glowing blue, i can take it off to feed him and thats about it, we go back to the lab in the morning to see if it went down. hopefully it did, otherwise i dont know the next step. Wil's levels were high but never that high to need any treatment, i really hope itgoes away.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

baby's here!

We are home! everyone is well! i posted some pics on facebook cuz its faster, im too tired to put a bunch up here, maybe tomorrow ill blog about how everything went down.

Cooper James
2-15-09 2:37am
8lbs 5.8oz

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I forgot to write about our ER experience with Wil!! it was last Thursday night, wil went to bed fine then woke up coughing/breathing really weird at about 1130, i got him up, got a drink of water but he was gasping for air, it sounded like he had aspirated something into his airway and couldn't breathe or cough it out. and his cough was this scary dry bark. i brought him into our bed to just listen to him for a lil bit to see if it would stop he was really hot too, and of course i couldn't find the thermometer, but after another 20 mins we decided it would just be better to take him to the ER than sit and listen to him gasp, i wasn't going to put him back to bed like that. so off we went. they took chest/throat xrays and his airway was swollen, and his O2 saturation was a little low they had him hooked up to all these machines and he was freaking out the whole time, hysterical. they gave him some motrin and steroids in liquid form that tasted real bad, he kept that down for about 30 seconds then it all came back up all over me... super gross lol, they ended up giving him a steroid shot after we sat and gave him a breathing treatment, the steroid shot was to relax his airway so that he could breathe,
whew so after all that they finally diagnosed him with Croup, got him breathing normally again, still with that awful barking cough though. no antibiotics needed and sent us on our merry way, all smelly covered in vomit at about 3am, with the most wired boy i have ever seen. They said that he prolly wouldn't sleep cuz the steroid would make him crazy, lol the ride home made me worried as he sang really loudly to himself lol but once we laid him back down he was out till about 10am the next morning.
I kept asking that since we were there anyways if we could make it a 2fer and start me on a pitocin drip to get this baby out too so we wouldn't have to come back... they just laughed at me like i wasn't serious, silly er people,
but we are almost back to normal, wil's croup turned into a really bad cold that he is still sort of fighting off, he got this nasty cough. he is getting very very good at covering his mouth when he coughs though. he's so polite. I gotta say that was a really scary night. probably my most scary moment with him ever. it hit him so fast and the gasping was awful.

The Waiting Game

Just a little over a week till D day and i am soo more than ready. Why is it so hard to talk doctors into just getting the baby out, this last part of the pregnancy is the most nerve racking im just nervous and anxious and want to hold him and have him out and have everyone be healthy then i can relax again, but until then im stressed. ugh. i have contractions almost every day last night i felt em in my back and everything and thought that this was it but of course they stopped and im normal again.
I have never been so greatful for new tv shows though!! and dvr, theres about 10 shows a week that i dvr and watch. daily we have shows like Day of our Lives and Gilmore girls, then theres american idol, secret life of the american teenager, Heroes, lost, the biggest loser, the office, 30 rock, i get a nice healping of shows to keep me occupied so i dont ahve to sit around and watch Baby story on TLC all day long :D on the line up for today i have the Lost from last night and american idol from the last 2 nights :) with days of our lives on at 1, and a nap sometime in there..... my hubby is so jealous of my life right now lol. wil has been on a Nemo kick lately he will watch that and play all day long so life is good for today!!! and we are still waiting