Friday, August 19, 2011


Too busy havin fun to blog about every little thing so here are the highlights so far!!! I cant believe that august is almost over. its a little sad! we are buying school clothes and supplies and pulling out jeans and hoodies. :( Summer in michigan is absolutaly awesome, its green, not too hot, every day on the beach! the above picture is all the way back from 4th of July! My boys loved the poppers. u know those scary things that u throw on the ground and the pop, Wil got really good at just squeezing them and popping them in his fingers lol, also throwing them at people hard enough for them to pop on their backs. Talented... my boy is talented :)
We had a little bonfire in the backyard and watched the firworks over the lake. it was really nice!! We sat out on the dock and there were big fireworks that the people around the lake do so we kept having to turn our heads around, but it was perfectly great and nice and close ;)
My cuz Aubrey and her little fam were in town for 2 whole months this summer! They are going to school in utah but her husband got a good job here for the summer building stuff so we got to hang out all the time!!!

This is at a big truck event at the library! Rachel was in town for the last harry potter movie and so she got to stay for a whole week. it was the best, she is headed out to utah today to go to school this year :( i will miss her so much its stupid. Shes the funniest bestest craziest girl there is. She is gonna rock provo lol look out people!
We went and saw the final Harry Potter movie 7.2 in the Imax theater in lansing at midnight. It was awesome. I barely made it through the next day... but totally worth it :) Nick came with us, but his shirt didnt turn out as awesome as ours and so he wouldnt wear it :(
then a few weeks later we headed down to Inidana to welcome my littlest bro home from his mission! My other brother Todd and his wife Catie were able to fly in. but at ridiculous horrible hours..... Not holding a grudge Catie, but wow those tickets were crazy!! lol ur not aloud to buy tickets anymore, I'll book the flights for u! Cuz they flew into Indianapolis which is 2 hours away from my moms house. and i live 3 hours away in the opposite direction. Todd's flight got in at like 11:30 or 11, and Caties flight got in at 12:30, so by the time we had the luggae and were headed home it was 1am. so we got home after a stop for breakfast at mcdonalds at 3:30 lol then my kids were up at 7......... omg, im to old for that crap!!! it was fun looking back, we were a little nutty, and we let the 18 year old drive us all lol but we made it it one piece!!
Then the next night we headed fort wayne where Jake flew in, which is only 30 mins away from my moms house, and he flew in at a normal time lol, but we were chillin at the airport for a while waitin for my bro whom we hadnt seen for a few years.
We made some signs just in case he didnt recognize us
He gave everyone the biggest and best hugs, i really missed this kid. He is the nicest kid around! Missionaries are always a bit wierd when they come back. well Todd was wierd when he came back. Jake sorta was just the same...... Yellin at mom for runnin his truck into the ground while he was gone. pretending he was asleep when i asked him to help me bring the groceries inside lol. seriously? u just got home from ur mission, when i say jump ur supposed to jump!!!!
The weekend after he came home a buncha our family came down for rachel's graduation party where i did not take any pictures. like makybe 2. I have been a little sick and tired lately.... more like A LOT sick and tired, and that whole week i had to keep eating so as to not feel nautious... we are blaming this little guy
Here it is! this pic was at 8 weeks. i had another ultrasound at 6 weeks, I am now 10 weeks! everything seems to be great so far! this little guy has a heart beat, and is making me amazingly sick, which are all normal and good things so hopefully everything will work out past the first trimester, I only have 2 more weeks till trimester 2! i spent the last 3 weeks puking my guts out! the last few days i have been feeling better!! so lots of nervousness i dunno if that will go away this time tho, not for a while maybe.