Friday, November 21, 2008

Tango is 4!!

I can't believe the puppy Nick bought me for Valentines day before we got married is 4 now. It just doesnt seem possible, ask me that in 20 years though when tango turns 24 because these dogs have a really long life expectancy, then itll be wierd lol.
But our little Tango has been through alot in these past few years with new babies and moving he is a trooper. A little neglected now and then as you can see with his desperate need of a haircut today but he is still my little gentleman.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Candy Cigarettes and Pottys

There is a little convenience store right by Nick's new office and he is alawys telling me the random things he finds in there, they have everything you could ever want in this one tiny little store. Any kind of candy from any generation, well last week he found some candy cigarettes and came home and told me about em, you cant find stuff like that anywhere any more. for some reason they have become taboo but whatever lol i think they are funny so the next night he brought home a couple boxes lol, of course Wil loved em, anything candy is awesome but it was hillarious to watch him carry the box around holding the little sticks lol ... hahaha of course we got pictures lol

Now onto the potty story, every night at bath time for the last 2 weeks Wil has peed in the tub/shower (we dont have a bath tub so i stop up the shower with duct tape and use it as a bath lol he loves it just the same its a little ghetto but he has no idea) But he squats in the warm water and pees every night!! I'm like "No Wil!! no potty in the tub!!!" He says potty knows when hes going potty and always tells me when hes poopin so my mom suggested we get a little potty and see if he would go in that before he gets in the bath. cuz its nasty to take a bath in pee water everynight and i cant refill the bottom of the shower cuz the duct tape wont stick once the shower is wet lmao. So we now have a little potty that he pretends to go potty on during the day when mommy goes, so he knows what we are doing, then before bath we sit on it for a while talk about goin potty, all good intentions, never goes, gets in the shower squats and pees...... so the next night i put the potty in the shower with him. so that when he started to go i could move him to the potty, but what we ended up with was a wet floor and a confused Wil.

Gotta say im at a loss, the pee bath everynight is nasty but hes not understanding the potty quite yet lol.

We even made the potty a rockin potty with the extra Guitar hero stickers from the new game we got yesterday. still not cool enought to pee in though.

Looking back at these pictures Wil is startin to look like a hoodlem lol, box of cigarettes and skater stickers on his potty, we will look back in 15 years and mark this the pivitol point in his corruption lol juuuust kidding mom :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Did It!!

I put up the toddler bed yesterday, and really just expected to not get any sleep at all for the next week but i really want him in it and used to it before baby Cooper comes. So we had our normal night time routine, picked up all the toys, took a bath, brushed our teeth, said prayers and then laid him down like normal, all tucked in the new bed with his sheets and his little pillow, said night night and ..... that was it...... He slept perfectly all night long, like nothing was different and he couldnt just get up and go play with his toys, i am sooo amazed. i kept going to his door and listening to make sure i couldnt hear playing.. nothing, all night. Weird, he loves his bed with the truck and the car.

He played on his bed all afternoon. jumping, "body slamming" took his juice up there and his farm animals lol

Before Nick and I finally went to bed i went in to look at him just to make sure i wasnt going crazy and that is what we found, perfect little angel looking soo grown up, i teared up a little but it is good. we will see if he does as good tonight lol.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We had a fantastic weekend. My mom and lil sister came to visit from Wisconsin, so we had a blast hangin out and eating a ton. I was sad to see them go soo soon but the basement apartment gets a little crowded after a few days lol.
While they were here Nick's mom took us all to see High School Musical 3, of course i had already seen it on opening night lol but my mom and sister hadnt, we took Wil with us and he loved it! He had his little booster seat with his popcorn and juice and candy. He is truly a kid that takes after his parents, movies are our favorite things, and watching him so contently watch the movie cracked me up, most kids his age wouldnt even think to sit still for that long :)
Then on halloween we got all dressed up and went Trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. I have never in my life seen so many kids in a few block radius before it was crazy fun. Wil had been practicing saying "trick-or-treat" for a few days i thought he would at least try to say it but he got stage fright lol, it was a little over whelming but he was a trooper. he had his little bloody knife that he carried with him the whole time and walked right up to people's houses.
About half way down our street one of our neighbors had a little pit stop set up in their garage, they had buffet tables set up with 4 different kinds of doughnuts and apple cider with tables and chairs set up in the driveway, it was really really nice, so we stopped and grabbed a doughnut on our way by. I think i had more fun than anyone. It was so warm outside it couldnt have been more perfect then we sat and handed out candy till it was bedtime.

Tonight we are packing up the crib and setting up the toddler bed!! wish me luck :) i think he is totally ready but i am also ready for a few sleepless nights till he gets used to it.