Tuesday, February 25, 2014

First leg of Texas Move!

 We packed everything up in Michigan on august 6th and stuck it all in a moving truck(motorcycle and extra large tv included)!!!  Then headed to Nauvoo the next morning to my little brother Jake's wedding!!!  
 Firs stop was the tire place at 8 am which put us a few hours behind because we had holes in the tires.... but it gave the moving truck that nick was driving a few hours to get ahead of us. We took it 3.5 hours south into Indiana to Jake's fiancĂ©'s house so it could sit there for a few days while we went to Nauvoo for the wedding then we came back for the truck and to go to the awesome reception there that weekend, then we headed the rest of the way to Texas the next morning :)
      We had a ton of fun spending time with uncles aunts and soon to be uncles and aunts ;)

 I love Nauvoo, Everything about it. We got to go to a pagent or two, and see the sites, go through the temple its a gorgeous place. Also the fudge is amazing. We have some awesome Cousins whose parents own a house there, right across the street from the temple, and let us stay in the house while we were there for a few nights. They have an amazing back porch that is all glassed in and at night we would play games out there with the beautifully lit up temple in the background.