Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walkin Man!

My home is full of boys and i could not love them more, they all cuddled up to watch a "high-ya" cartoon. I will keep em forever :)

His first steps were Jan 1st, hes been a little slow to pick it up but hes getting better every day!
this kid cracks me up! he has the biggest butt on any baby ive ever met and has the biggest personality. Hes bugging me right now so , thinking it would make him leave me alone, the nose sucker was sitting on the computer desk here i decided to suck his nose out and of course it back fired, now he wants me to keep doing it.... hes laughing and laughing, he hated that thing when he was tiny, lame!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New years resolution

#1 be a better blogger/journalist
#2 lose 10lbs
#3 be more positive, quit whining and stop taking for granted all that i have
#4 be more confident and outgoing (this is on my list every year)..... so is that 10 lbs one.... lol

This is from way back at the end of november at the fantasy of lights parade the day after thanksgiving, we paid stinkinj $8 for that sword that blinked like a carnival ride, i felt like i was going to have a seizure everytime i looked directly at it and it only lasted for like a day and a half lol but the parade was way fun!

Christmas was wonderful this year! Even though it was the first in like forever that i havent spent with my mom... like my whole life.... it was still great. Wil seemed to really get it this year and was just awesome. He was so greatful for everything that he got! i really worried about that, cuz i wasnt sure how to teach him to be greatful, i dont want a spoiled stinkin kid who just goes on to the next present lol but Wil did awesome, he opened the big kitchen and hugged the box "thankyou my kitchen mommy, thankyou my kitchen daddy!" he said it like a million time, every gift he opened he was just all thankyous.

The kitchen was an awesome gift he plays and play and plays, coop will play with him for hours i dont hear anything from em they are just puchin buttons it keeps em so busy, He also got a cool train table that keeps them really busy too.

We spent the first week of december at my parents house since we werent going to get to see them for christmas and we had a blast there too. lots of fun activities, too many to recount, but rachel cracks me up in this picture so i had to post it..

any ways Happy New Year!!!! heres to hopin this year is waaaaay better than crappy last year!!!