Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Longest summer!!!

The beginning of summer was full of hanging out at home,  swimming and a nice long trip to Iowa before my brother Jake got married

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sports and End of school!

 Wil started playing tball this year! He loves it! One of his good friends from school is on his team which is way fun and I don't have to make him practice he asks too,  way better than soccer, which I have to force him to practice lol
I love the name on the back of his jersey,  Ember loves to play in the dirt hole during his games :)

 Cooper had a Mothers day brunch at his class,  it was a fun time for us :) He rubbed my hands with lotion,  made me a crown and fed me M&Ms, awesome time

Memorial day weekend we hung out at home and waited for the sunshine,  I had stuff to grill,  but as the picture of the squished bun shows the boys were playing hide and seek in the corner bread box.....  on top of a new package of hamburger and hot dog buns and a whole loaf of bread..  Its funny now but I wanted to kill them,  I just wanted a burger....  lol

Cooper's field trip was to the lolli pop store to see them make candy and to the frozen yogurt store,  it was a sugary morning!!!!Ember had a lolli pop shirt just like the preschoolers

 Coopers last day of school,  with his car pool buddy Caden,  and Wil finally learned how to ride a bike!!!!  I really thought he'd be 15 and still have training wheels on,  I was trying to help him and he got so frustrated with me he says "Mom get off me, your not doing it like dad does,  just let me do it alone"  and with that  10 mins later he had it!  lol   perfect

Wil's 6!

 I snatched a couple of my baby pictures while at my moms, Ember may have her daddy's eyes, but she has my dirty/super sassy looks lol
Also the pic with the curlers reminds me of Wil, I love it,  its really strange to look at these little people and see youself lol. Except Cooper,  he is aaaallll Nick :)
Next came Wil's 6th Birthday!!!!!  He wanted a Nintendo 3DS party,  it sort of turned into a Mario Kart party.  It was awesome,  I had Mario hats and mustaches for all of the boys and we set up a track in the field at the dead end that was covered in candy prize balls and gold coins,  they got to turn the coins in for prizes when the race was over,  they had a blast. The stinkin cake was a ton of work Wil was so greatful, he is an awesome kid and worth every penny and all the hard work that went into the party. 

On Wil's actual birthday we had been battleing the flu, Nick and I had it, I was just starting to be able to keep food down but the kids seemed fine, which was great,  But He wanted me to take him lunch at school so I brought him subway, ate a little he ate a ton,  Then he puked all over the office at school about an hour later so I went and got him, he missed his ice cream snack that he brought for the class, well they saved it for him but still not on his bday lol..   and that evening was his "Fine Arts Festival" Where they had the music program and all their art from the year up on display.... I wanted to go sooooo bad.... But at the last minute he got sick again and went to bed at 530,  So we ate his bday pizza without him....  poor kid, :)


 My mom's brother Harry passed away in April so we headed down to Iowa for a weekend to say good bye. But we were able to have a blast with grandma O and grandpa O :)

 We loooove popcorn and movies :)

 Aunt Catie spoiled Ember it was wonderful :)
 Grandpa took us to Chuck E cheese,  which we had never been to so it was a huge deal (I don't believe in going to places with crappy food)  But the food was as crappy as I remembered lol. The kids loved it and were of course in heaven. Such a fun time

I had Wil ride this thing with Ember and it was the funniest thing I have seen in forever ,  all it did was spin, very slowly, in a circle. Wil's face was priceless, it was an "Oh my gosh, this is a baby ride" face, I kept trying to get a good pic but I was laughing too hard

Easter 2013

 Pretty normal Easter stuff happened this year,  we didn't go anywhere fancy but to church and ate a lot of food with grandma and grandpa upstairs :) 

 They were amazingly excited Easter morning, I think they were up at 530 or 6,  it was 630-7ish when they came in a woke us up but they had been riflin through the baskets :)  I love holidays

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Crashed while watching mickey, on the cars couch with blankie and baby.... It's do hard trying to switch to one nap, she made it till 11 though!!