Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 funny Cooper stories

This kid seriously cracks me up, First story... we have been playing outside A LOT, like all day when its nice out, they eat outside, and they pee outside!!! which is why we are potty training now when its nice out! So he tells me when he has to "peep" we call it. And its really fun as a boy to "peep" in the grass, so he says "Mom i wanna peep in the grass!!!" so we head over to the designated pee area of the yard lol..... he is strugglin for a while and nothing is happening i ask him if he needs help, nope i hear some rustlin and he pooped...... in the yard....... a lot .... lol, it was hilarious, once i noticed what he was doing it was too late to stop it, so i bent him over and held him so he could finish lol, then he has his pants around his ankles and needs a wipe and we are in the back yard to i have to carry him bent over butt in the air into the house.... i was laughing so hard, it was so gross...... now we are learning the difference between "peep" and "poop" i love two year olds
then this morning!!! they are playing in their room and I'm watchin TV, then i smell burning, like really strong the house is on fire burning, i go into their room and it smells the strongest in there i check the furnace room, nothing, the bathroom, nothing, nowhere else but their room, so i feel the walls, see if anything is hot, check the lights, and all the sockets, everything looks fine, it smells like plastic, burning bad plastic, i called upstairs to see if they were doing anything weird (ie spraying fumes for bugs, or burning plastic) nope nothing, so im digging through the toy box, maybe a toy is self destructing? I'm cleaning up their mess when coop comes in and says "mom look its stuck!!! its broke in there!" pointing to the up right tower fan....... he turned it on and stuck a toy screw driver in it, which made the motor spark and melt and combust....... i couldn't tell that the smell was coming from there because its stuck in a corner .... lol sigh, this kid is constantly busy in all the wrong ways

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wil's 4! and lotsa other stuff

These pictures are sorta out of order...... it goes Easter then Wil's bday, then mothers day but i don't really want to switch them all around, so just stay with me :)
For my mom for mother's day we (me and my sibs) took pictures of ourselves and we each had a different piece of paper saying something, ours (cuz im the oldest) said "WE" my brother todd and his wife's picture said " <3 " thats a heart, my next brother Jake, who is on a mission in Arizona sent one that said "Our" and Rachel's said "Mom" it was really cute.
My gorgeous mom seemed to like them! she has them at work on her desk!
For Nick's mom, nick's one and only sister Heather set up a photo shoot of our families and made a photo book, this picture was the cover picture!!! it still cracks me up :) Nick's mom really loved it though, and we got some much needed shots of our families together, Heather's kids are my kids only cousins as of right now so the cousin's picture i love a lot!
Wil is such a ham in front of the camera, i wanted to post all of the retarded Wil pictures but it would have taken up the whole blog lol
We tried to have them pose back to back, leaning, with their arms crossed and this is what we got LOL! Wil making a weirdo face and cooper smushin his face up against wil lol they tried, they really did, hopefully someday they will be cool :)
This is Easter!!! We colored eggs and sorta took it easy. had brunch with nick's parents, Nick's senior exit jury was that week so we had a lot of other things going on, like trying to keep nick healthy so he could sing in front of a panel of elitist professors who get to decide pass fail if he can graduate.... lol but he did so no worried, passed with flying colors!
Coloring Easter eggs!
Cooper is potty training!! He's pretty much got it, he was going in and taking off his diaper and going potty so we decided it was time lol. and then when the box of diapers i was using was empty we never looked back. He does great right now, i think we are on week 2 maybe of training, he tells me when he has to go and half the time just does it by himself and will come running out of the bathroom to tell me hes done and needs m&m's lol. its nice though to not have to change diapers, i realized that i had been changing diapers everyday for 4 years....... wow
Wil had an awesome birthday, Grandma and Grandpa O came up for the weekend. The day of HIs bday we went to Soccer practice in the morning then went to Rio (the movie. super great movie btw) when we got home we had pizza and salad for dinner, opened presents and had cupcakes :) he loved it, best day of his life
His reactions to his presents were the best, Nick's reactions were equally as awesome :)
My mom got him some color wonder bubbles, they say they are washable, and so we just went out on the porch, after a while of these crazy blue bubbles going everywhere i started to worry a little..... cuz the wood looked really bad, so i pulled the hose out and they DID NOT wash out........ ugh lol, i scrubbed, i hosed i soaped i bleached.... nada so Nick is staining the porch if it ever stops raining, then it wont be so blue anymore.... use it on the cement!!!!!

Wil is doing soccer!! He loves it. It is only once a week which he would rather go every day i think but he is not the most aggressive player, or the most attentive. He reminds me alot of myself as an athlete ....... but he has fun, every time he kicks the ball he looks at us on the sidelines and cheers that he kicked it, as someone else takes it down the field to score, but at least he is excited lol

Monday, May 9, 2011


this blog seems to be a good way for me to puke my emotions out and kind of deal with them. I lost another pregnancy last weekend.... saturday, i was about just over 7 weeks.... spent the morning on saturday in the er to see yet again another ultrasound with no heartbeat. There has been so much going on in this last week i feel as though i have had to move on and deal with this a lot quicker than i wanted to. I didnt really get a day to sit and cry. No one really knew, so i guess that's my fault and why its so different from last time. because i havent had to tell people ive lost it. we were in the middle of potty training, nick started a new job on monday, school stuff that had to get done, mothers day, nicks concert on mother's day, birthdays, all in the same 3 days, and then it was just over because i had to pretend for a few days that everything was fine so apparently everything should have been fine. here i sit, back to normal, not pregnant, i was pregnant last week, and now im not,
my heart is so broken, i was not ready for that again, it sucks.
ive spent every day this week that it wasnt raining outside landscaping, digging things up, planting things, pulling weeds, keeps me busy so that i dont have to think about it, think about how i cant go through this again for a while, how badly i want one more baby to finish off my family, how my baby cooper is so not a baby anymore, and i know there is one more baby in my future, guess i dont get to pick when, i thought i had control over when I wanted to get pregnant and have my last baby, i should be able to make that big decision, we should be able to make that decision as a family. I have had 2 healthy pregnancies, why now? 2 in a row? why is there something wrong with me now.... just one more, then my lady parts can break, not yet though, im gonna go back on birth control for a while...... i dunno how long, long enough until i can handle another miscarriage, if it happens again, when it happens again? for now i will just enjoy my summer, being in the best shape ive been since high school, ill be tan, and super skinny*** (as skinny as i can get) lol, ill do yard work, dig up worms with my boys, go swimming and biking, ride on the motorcycle with my super hott hubby, i am one lucky girl, i really am. guess we dont always get what we want, but ive kinda had enough of that in my life... i mean we are living in the in laws basement for cryin out loud, siiiigggghhhh