Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amy's wedding

Over Thanksgiving break we went on a Midwest adventure!!!
it started out in Indiana where my beautiful sister and parents live! She is in the best high school show choir in the State and they had their big dinner and performance on Saturday and Sunday!! It was probably the most amazing performance I have ever seen in a high school setting!! These kids were amazing!!! The choreography was phenom. They put ALOT of time and effort into it!!!! I have her Varsity Singers button on my purse, where it will stay forever, if you wanna see it just ask, i show it off like shes my own kid, I'm so dang proud of her!!!!

My Mom's mom Grandma Granzow came up (probably more over than up) from Iowa for the show too!! It was awesome to get to see her and My mom's sister Leitha!! They are amazing to drive all that way for Rachel

Then on Monday Nick went home, he had some classes that he couldn't get out of, and the kids and I hitched a ride with my parents and sister to Nauvoo, IL for my cousin Amy's wedding!!! It was amazazing!!! She looked beautiful (see bottom picture)

We had an eventful time there in the one day we got to spend there lol, We had a bachelorette party on Monday night ... where we went out to dinner at the only place to eat in the whole town that was open, and they were going to close at 7!! luckily we got there at 6:30 and made em stay open a little later!! then we played games till about 9 or 10, whoooooohoooooo lol, but it really was a great time, Amy has some awesome friends that came down to help with things and Her husband is amazing and a lucky guy!!!
This picture below is my grandma O! It was great to be able to spend so much time with everyone. My family is a blast!

Then after IL, we headed to Iowa for Thanksgiving at Grandma O's house! where i didn't take any picture, i might be stealing some off of facebook here in a bit! Then Friday we all caravaned back up to Michigan where Amy had a reception at the church, which was Saturday, and we set up all day on saturday and partied all night!!
whew, it was such a busy week. seriously, its been nice this week to just sit at home, i wish they would move Christmas back to January this year, cuz im so not ready for it at all!!!

Cooper and Wil had a blast dancing at the party! Coop was a riot, danced with everyone mooched food from EVERYONE!!! hes lucky he's cute so his mooching works!!