Friday, February 18, 2011

10 more down~

Holy smokes, thats right, ive been watching the scale the past few days just to make sure the weight isnt going to pop back up and bite me but i am steady at 161!! thats 15 lbs lost, wowza, we will see if i can get into the 150's, that would be amazing, we are headed to Florida in a few weeks and i would love love love to be my lightest in years while on vacation! Nick is doing really good too! he has lost a belt notch and like 10lbs as well!! the unfair part about my weight loss so far is that i look exactly the same, except my chest has completely disappeared...... like i really should go out and get new bras or i need to stuff them, its comical how they collapse when i put my clothes on, there is literally 2 big wrinkles in my shirts on both sides..... soo stupid cuz my baby pudge is still there!!! i still have a spare tire all the way around, sigh, but skinny girls have smaller tops so im well on my way to being a skinny girl!!! whoohoooooo