Saturday, December 31, 2011


Merry Christmas!!! It was an awesome christmas thats for sure :) Santa came and boy did he not disappoint!!!

Wil got his Skylanders game!!! It is really fun to play with him, he loves the guys and know all their names and elements, we have to get a couple more for sure, but google them if you don't know what they are, they are going to be a big deal
This is Wil and his starter Skylanders, its a game for the PS3, or really it think it comes on all the systems. He loves it.
Cooper got his Buzz! Its all he asked for, not all he got but for sure the biggest deal gift from daddy, I didn't want to get him one.... he has one, its not my fault that its a hand me down from grandma and its 15 years old so now it doesn't work..... he still has one lol... He kept asking for one that worked and talked and had a working laser, So daddy and amazon pulled through last minute and Coop got his favorite gift :)
Rachel and Grandma O came a few days after Christmas and stayed a while, We made a gingerbread train with Rachel.... she got more frosting on the kids , and in their tummies, than on the train....
Coop was literally running in circles for a good 45 minutes after she just poured frosting down their throats.. lol, someday, when she has kids, she will get some payback..... laugh it up now chuckles

Wil and Cooper have been saving money in their piggy bank for months, if not even a whole year of more... actually prolly more than a year, well Wil decided that he wanted to cash in his coins and see if he had enough money for them to go to Build-a-bear workshop. So Yesterday we went to kroger, and sure enough these two kids saved $75!!!!!! holy cow, i was floored..... Sooo off to Build-a-bear we went today :) Daddy gave Wil his very own wallet to keep his money safe in. That is what they are holding in the picture.
They picked some cute ones. Got the bears some awesome outfits, Coop's got a Buzz lightyear suit, and Wil's is a Jedi, with a light saber and all :)
Worth every penny, they loved it :) we will never be able to take 3 kids to build-a-bear..... wow what a money pit.... but boy are they happy, and that makes it worth it. I am proud of them that they were able to work so hard and save and save and save up for over a year. There were times when Wil wanted to take a couple "moneys" out and get candy at the store, but always changed his mind and left it there so he could have enough for a bear.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I just wanted to write this down so i can look back and remember. I was talking to my mom about how much harder this pregnancy has been, that my feet are so swollen at the end of the day even though i have to wear compression stockings all day everyday since like 14 weeks lol, but apparently she remembers going shopping with me while i was pregnant with Wil and i was falling apart by the 3rd store cuz my feet were swollen and was walking too much and sore. also my ring is getting nice and tight and leaving a mark on my finger, i can almost not get it off anymore, might have to take it off for the last few months, although i dont remember if i did that last time or not, cuz i didnt write anything like that down.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We have had an exciting month! Its almost christmas and there has been a lot of stuff happening! I should mention that for thanksgiving we took a trip to Iowa to see my mom and dads new digs.... I did not take one picture..... not one...... lol It was a quick trip but still a lot of fun and Nick was able to come with us! which made the 8 hour car ride better! I have been having serious issues with my legs this pregnancy so it was awesomely awesome for him to be able to drive and me to be able to sit with my feet up and watch movies with the kids :)

We made a gingerbread house one night, it took us about 30 mins to put all the candy on it, the immediatley they wanted to eat it..... so i let them eat a bit of it..... it took 2 days then it looked like
We went out to the mall in Novi to see santa! waaay better than the okemos santa, which is where we usually go, they had an awesome polar bear exibit to look at while we were in the line.
Then just before we saw santa they had an awesome room that looked like a snow globe and had snow falling from the ceiling, it was sooooo cool, and the kids loooved to play in it. but the tiny little plastic pieces of snow got super stuck in the boys gelled hair, so when they saw santa they both had a ton of "snow" that we couldnt get off of them lol

It lasted aaaaalllll day long lol, Wil was helpin pick it outta coopers hair, like a monkey
I have decided that i am going to take pictures of all of the craft projects the kids do and pictures they draw so i dont have to keep all of the,, though this project will be a baby book keeper cuz i love it, but every time they draw something I have just been taking a picture of it. Some of them get to be stuck on the wall for a while, but after a week or so they come down and get thrown away.... i can keep them all, and i didnt just want to forget about them all, so I will probably have at least 50gigs of memory saved just for pictures of thier art but its smaller than a gigantic box lol

This picture cracked me up, Coop fell on something and busted his lip open, then Wil drew this of Cooper who is sad, with a little bit of red blood comin outta his lip lol his sad eyes and tears, lol i love it, i love the stage my kids are at, i want to remember it forever!!!!
We made christmas cookies, this is the kids unwrapping reeses cup to stick in the peanut butter cookies when they come outta the oven..... for every one coop opened he ate one.... lol, He has haad the grossest poop for the last few days, we should prolly eat some more salads!
I was getting them dressed for church and thought we could try to get a good picture of the two of them, they looked so hansome. of course they forget how to smile normally when i ask them to, When they actually have to think about smiling they cant seem to give me a normal smile, they make me crazy!!!
This is our santa picture this year! they did smile really good for this one. :)