Sunday, April 17, 2011

weekend movie review: the come back!

We see movies all the time...... every weekend, so I WAS writing a post about them, then i started to neglect my blog, but this weekend we went and saw a movie worth writing about! We saw Source Code
I didn't really want to see it at all, it looked like another one of those shoot em up boy movies, with a flimsy plot and a lot of boobs, but it got awesome reviews........ but so did Sideways, with Richard Dreyfus, and that movie was straight horrible,
but anyways this movie blew my mind, it wasn't what i expected at all! I didn't get bored, and it felt like time flew by while i was watching it! I was like it cant be over all ready that movie wasn't nearly long enough" but it was, 2 hours later and my mind blown it was a great movie!
Not like the stupid movie we saw last weekend, Paul
i really though this would be funny, I love seth rogan, and the guys from shaun of the dead and hot fuzz! lol those guys crack me up, and i mean a pot smokin alien?!?! does it get any funnier?!?! it does, that movie was freaking retarded,. all the funny parts were in the previews, which there were like 2, and i get makin fun of Christians with ur alien theories, i can take jokes, i mean seriously, but this movie, the whole thing, like every joke, was a bash on Christians and people with good morals..... it was just trying too hard to be funny, and it wasn't.... like if theres no god, then i can curse all i want and sleep with whoever i want cuz nothing matters. just because an alien has scientific proof there is no god, doesnt mean that u can sleep around like crazy, thats still gross.........The movie had such potential, it really did, they spent too much time making fun of god, and not enough time being funny