Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Girl!

Here she is!!! the most beautiful baby girl in the whole world!!!!! I had a hard time believing the ultrasound lady, i really did. but she called her a girl from the beginning, i think she took a look before she told us about it at the end lol, Jan ( the ultrasound lady) said that baby was full of drama, her poses made her look dramatic! lol
She was looking for the gender for a while and baby had her legs crossed, so Jan was like "im thinking its deff a girl, but i cant get a good picture. sometimes you can catch just what you need to and get a picture of it" Then she dug around for a little bit to get a better shot, i was like "maybe isnt really good enough today" lol, then jan was like "oh there it is!! yupp its a girl"

I started crying, in disbelief really, i had myself all prepped to have another boy, i really did, also i would have been okay with anything as long as baby was healthy and growing and everything looked great in there, its really nerve racking, your staring making sure you see all the fingers and limbs and pretty little face, its amazing, and totally a miracle, every time i look at the pictures its hard to believe theres a little person in my tummy, I love it!!!
Wil and Cooper are super excited to have a "sister baby" before we knew what she was we were discussing names for the baby, and My three boys decided we would name the baby Ninja.... So when i asked what we should name the baby now that its a sister baby Wil looked at me all confused "i thought we were naming it Ninja?" his face was all like, duh mom.... lol, i dont think that will be okay with me though.
I went out the next day and got 3 outfits for her!! lol
I was standing in the baby dept at kohl's pretty much in tears lol, i never let myself get to excited about little girl things, i just didnt want to be disappointed to find out i was having a boy and then feel guilty about being disappointed, because a healthy baby is really the end goal here, and boy or girl if its healthy im happy, so it was just too much fun to let myself get excited and emotional in the middle of kohl's!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Had another baby appt yesterday and get to set my ultrasound date for Oct 25th! ugh so excited!Wil had school and was bummed that he missed it! I dont think i blogged about Wil starting school! He absolutaly loves it!!!!! He is having so much fun! His teachers name is Ms Kym, and she is wonderful! They are learning a lot! it seems that it is all things that he knows already, but in a fun new way, i know with all the play and different activities he isnt getting bored at all, yet!!! He knows some names of the kids in his class but not really, he says he has a best friend, and He points out which kids are the naughty ones lol, as long as hes not in that group im okay!!!
Wil got the very first OWL Helping Award in his class this year! Ms Kym said that it was a big deal because not everyone gets one and that they dont give them out too often but that Wil was such an awesome helper ALL the time that he got the first one! He was so excited and I was beaming :) makes me proud that he is a good listener and helper at school. He is such a great kid :) He is awesome at making his bed every morning before school, I love that he can do it on his own, with my growing weight problem it is getting harder and harder to climb onto that top bunk..... he might not get clean sheets for a while!!!
Coop is having fun with all his special mommy time!!! Well the last few weeks we have just spent it running errands, but Wednesday when its just him and me we head to the library for a story time, and try to hit the cool little coffee house for a hot chocolate before hand. Last friday we went out for breakfast, it was a lot of fun :) its nice to remember what it was like with just one little one :)
We have been working with Coop on how to spell his name... it is the funniest most frusteraating thing in the whole world, Wil's name was easy, he was spelling that at like 18 months lol But now when u ask cooper how you spell his name
he replies (in a loud loud voice) " B I L COOPER!!!!!1"
hhmmmm nope, lets break it down then say C O O
"C P O!!!"
nope, C O O
"C P O COOOOPER!!!!!" then he runs away
sigh...... maybe we will try again later
Baby appt this week went well! I am now 16 weeks! So far this pregnancy has been completely different from my other 2. which I hear people say but its wierd when it really is. I had to bring in a list of questions for the dr. I was super stressed out (already) of what will happen when i go into labor, Nick is going to 2 schools right now and working full time, he spends some mornings in East Lansing, and everyday down in Ypsi at Eastern, then works here in howell every evening. I had been looking at spring break to have this baby, assuming that both schools have the same spring break.... they dont!!! Nick isnt going to be able to take aaaany time off when baby comes... maybe a few days from work but none from school. 2. they no longer deliver babies here in Howell, I have to drive down to the St joes in Ann Arbor! which is a super nice hospital, but my labors have been getting shorter and rumor has it from my mom that she almost had her 4th one in the car on the way to the hospital 3. my mom is moving far away! instead of 3 hours she is now 8 hours, so she is going to need some sort of notice before she can get here. 4. there are 3 drs in my office, 2 of which i know and like a lot, the 3rd one i will meet next time but she sounds awesome. But this office now delivers at the hospital with 2 other drs who could be on call that i will never get the chance to meet!!! i dont like that idea at all!!! I really like my one dr who delivered Cooper and did my d&c for me, and was there through all of that, I would really like for him to deliver the baby, sooooooooo All of these reason i spewed onto my dr yesterday and he was like "yeah we can induce u thats fine, but we will talk about it when its closer" and i was like "both my babies were at least a week if not a week and a half early, so can we induce 2 weeks early do i dont go into labor?" buuuuuut they dont like to induce any earlier than 39 weeks..... soooo aall of my grief is sort of better but not really, unless i can get induced the day i am 39 weeks lol..... my biggest fear, going in to labor, having nick already be in ypsi and having to drive myself to the hospital, and my mom not getting here fast enough to help me while nick is going to class and not able to take the kids....... whew When i had coop it was like a week before she could get here...... not gonna be acceptable this time, its just not.
well i feel better having gotten all that out of my head and onto the blog!!! LOL
im sure i will look back on this craziness fondly.... or maybe laugh at myself, i hope i dont have this baby on the side of the highway stuck in the stupid traffic on 23 south to AA all alone cuz my hubby is already down there!!!!!
lol .....
but really.....
we've got a long way to go though!! im only 16 weeks!!! hahaha i AM crazy