Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Oh my gosh I am so sick!  I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the kind of illness that only happens once every 10 years!  Like sitting on the toilet while puking in a bucket for hours kind of sick! !!! It doesn't help that I am so pregnant that bending over its nearly impossible!  They started me on terbutaline last week to stop the contractions I was having.  I've only had to take it like 4 times since, it seems to stop the contractions easy peasy so I can stay out of the hospital until I need to be there unlike last time :) I'm 32 weeks and I'm already dilated to a 2!  Better than a 4 like I was with Ember at 32 weeks. Over all this pregnancy has been loads better than the last.  Until today! !!  I can't get off of the couch.  A wonderful lady from church brought over gatorade and sprite this morning and my mom is ordering pizza for the kids.  Nick is staying late at work tonight.  His job is hanging in the air.  It's just awful timing for me to be sick lol.  I kept Wil home today and he has been amazing!  He got everyone dressed this morning.  Made beds, emptied the dish washer, fed the kids cereal, did the dishes, fed the kids lunch of pb&j put Ember down for a nap,  did lunch dishes,  lol he even attempted a diaper change.  In which he got the diaper on her backwards.  Which is really hard to do in the first place.  So if he would of done it the right way he prolly would of had it good enough :)
I am so grateful for this kid. And for how awesome Cooper has been, he's been right beside Wil helping all day.  They are such good kids. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Here is a picture of Baby boy at 20 weeks,  I have an ultrasound pic of him at 30 weeks but it wont load right, it keeps flipping over when I post it.... But we have been thinking of names for weeks and having the hardest time narrowing it down,  I usually like to have baby names picked out way earlier than this.... so that I can stick the babies name on the wall and just be prepared,  but Nick has a few names he likes,  I have a few names that I love, and we don't like eachothers names at all........    ugh lol Nicks names are Damon, and Jackson.  I really like Archer. We both kind of like Daxon.   So we shall see what name he comes home with :)

 Wil's first grade music program was amazing,  when he said he had a solo part, we were assuming that he had a few lines of one song. But instead he was the only named character in the show about hats and had an entire song that he sang and was up in front with. I was totally not expecting him to have his own song,  there were two other kids who stood beside him and waved red white and blue ribbons around. Of course I couldn't compose myself while he was singing and I was just crying lol,   but they did the show twice, once again in the afternoon and I got a better video that I didn't sob through lol. He did so very good,  and was so stinkin cute in his suit signing....  I love that kid

we went to play at the beach the other day after school :)  Ember wears princess dresses everywhere
 Cooper had his first run at his game on Saturday. I don't have a pic of that on my computer im going to have to steal it from nick to post it. He was so very excited and it was adorable. It has been so rainy that he has had a lot of canceled games so it was nice to get to finally play on Saturday!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Right Now

I'm not sure that I will ever be able to catch up on all of the cute things that happened in the last year....... But I really need to keep on top of the writing so that baby 4 doesn't think that we forgot all about him....  Baby 4 is Due in May and I still feel like the last 2 years of Embers life have just blown by.

My Sweet Ember is talking up a storm!  like 5 or more word sentences, She is 2 years and 1 month old.. I really want to have her potty trained before baby brother comes home, but im not very optimistic about that. she could really care less. She like to pretend she a puppy, wear anything insanely girly and squeels like a girl when she sees pretty things..... painfully cute.. She still wears giant bows in her hair and her hair keeps growing in curly :)  She makes me sing to her before she can go to sleep every night She is finally enjoying Nursery class at church and doesn't scream when I leave her in there she runs in by herself to play with the kids, but she still has an attitude and wont participate, like to look at people like they aren't very smart. She loves the movie Frozen calls it "Elsa"   and loves to play princesses in her little castle tent with her little castle for her little princesses inside.... She is my princess and I love her dearly. She also really enjoys playing baseball and going to all of her brothers games, Every night on our way to the car she says repeatedly "That's a weally fuun game mom! a wealy fun game! datsa weally fun game mom!"
Awesome Cooper is the best helper during the day :)  We have been doing school at home with just us and he has been working so hard at it. Its been hard for me to find the way he learns but we are finally getting into a groove at the end of the school year now :) He is so very excited to start school in September and we are super ready, not to wish the summer away but it will be a fun year for him next year. He is amazing with Ember, he helps her do everything and they play amazing together, he is so very aware of everything she needs,  hugs her carries her around, they are the best of friends. He always patiently waits for the end of the day when Wil gets home and they can go outside and play with all the other apartment kids,    and there are some scary one and a few good ones.  they have had a few interesting experiences outside with random kids.... I have since restricted them to only being aloud to play on the playground across from our windows so that I can see them and hear whats happening,  There are some big kids that like to hang out and pick on the littles and teach them really weird things..  lol  Cooper has one awesome friend from church, Jameson, whom we are really greatful for, we get to play with him and his little sister often and it is way fun to watch Ember get better at playing with other kids and not being such a baby anymore.  Cooper is doing Tball and is having a blast. He is adorable out there on the field, hasn't quite had a run,  but tball is usually just lots of craziness of kids running around like mad people after one ball. He made it to second base in his last game and once he got there did the most epic dance......  between the two boys games schedules right now we are out on the baseball fields at least 4 evenings a week. The weather is amazing so its really been great!
Wil is finishing out his first grade year amazingly. Tomorrow he has a music concert in the morning where he has a little solo :) He plays the part of Uncle Sam :)  He is so stinking excited he can barely sleep, Ive been typing this and he has been out here 3 times to remind me of things and to set an alarm and to ask if he can wear his new suit because uncle sam wears dress clothes.....   His enthusiasm is contagious. He had a little bit of a rough start to the year, had some issues being at the new school, it just took him some time and getting a little involved in his after school Music Club that he loves, they meet once a week and have special parts in the school programs. He is loving baseball. He plays outfield but that is to be expected when he met the cut off for the 8u league by 1 day lol,   his bday is april 30th and the cut off day was May 1st. so he is 6 in a league of 7,8,and 9 year olds,  but he is having a blast!  his team has only lost 1 game of 5 and its been really fun to see him busy and engaged :) He wants a drum set for his birthday,  and a bike, and a really long list of other things,  we have two different bikes for him but one is too small and the chain falls off a lot,  and the other one is too big and he cant stop it with his feet lol........ ugh  but the drums I told him no on!!!!!  we are in an apartment right now until nick can find a job he wants to stay at for more than a year which is okay but drums and a newborn baby do not fit into an apartment together....... BUT his dad seems to be rooting for him.... So we shall see what this spoiled kid gets for his bday :)