Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Worst mom award goes to....

So with all the caos of moving and being pregnant again and everything that happened in the last few months i totally forgot that Wil goes to the doctor for well baby check-ups still!!!!! hes 18 mo now and hasn't been to the doctor since his birthday :( we missed his 15 mo checkup and shots and now almost his 18mo check-up and shots..... im a bad mom lol, the new doctor's office was prolly scared when i told em i was gonna have another

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My goal for the week

Wil is gonna learn em all!! and then make us millions of dollars and get to be on Ellen. might take u smore than a week, but as long as he's still little we'll be famous for sure

Monday, October 27, 2008

Carvin Pumpkins

Last night we put in out favorite Halloween movie "The Nighmare Before Christmas" and turned on the fireplace lol and carved pumpkins to our heart content, Wil was totally fascinated with the movie which was good cuz it always seems to take us forever to carve pumpkins.

We bought little face pieces that you stick in the pumpkins for Wil, Nick thought he could handle the knife but i think we will wait a few years till we let him at it :D but he had a great time picking out the eyes and the teeth that he kept trying to brush cuz they looked dirty lol.

When they are all carved i pour cinnamon on the tops of the pumpkins so that when the candles burn it smells like pie so Wil thought it would of course taste as good as it smelled. it did not
The finished product, Mine is the one on the left with the spider and the spider web, Nick did the witch on the right.

My cute/scary spider

Nick's scary witch.

Excuse the no makeup/bad hair, though the dorky kissy face makes up for it, had to show of the belly, i realized this morning that i have only one pic of me pregnant with Wil. i have one pic at 5.5 months then nothing till my baby shower, i was trying to compare how big i am to last time, but there was no pics.... im a bad mom lol

Saturday, October 25, 2008

though i feel as big as a house i still must not look obviously pregnant because today on my way into the library with my child a dude leaving the library asked me if i smoked and if i had a ligher cuz he lost his lol, im like "uhm no" and try harder to stick my huge belly out but he must not have been convinced lol, oh well. i thought it was funny

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lady in my ward took my baby name! I have been planning on naming my second son Cooper since I was pregnant with Wil, it was really what i wanted to name wil but got trumped out of it and have been planning on naming this one Cooper since then! Well a lady in my ward had her kid last week or not so long ago and freaking stole my name!!! what do i do, i wanted to be origional the only one in his class at least with that name now he wont even be the only one in nursery with the name, and its a family name, Nick's middle name is Cooper, Nick's grandma's maiden name was Cooper and the whole family line died out with her so its kinda importante. im bummed, now since im gonna have my kid second everyone will think that i copied her name. sigh, did i mention that im bummed. lesson learned, dont tell people your baby names or they will get stolen, u dont think people will do that but it happens.

Monday, October 20, 2008

MyHeritage: Family trees - Genealogy - Celebrities - Collage - Morph

I dunno why i had such a hard time getting this to post lol but it has made its rounds on a bunch of different blogs now lol. I found this on my cousin's blog and thought it was awesome.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weekend at the orchard

It must have been the thing to do to go to the orchard on the last nice weekend of the year but man did we have fun. We went to Erwin Orchard in South Lyon, It was busier that Disney World on Spring Break but w/e it was still way fun. I got Nick to pose for the above pic and of course he made a retarded face. I'm going to make a huge slide show of all the pictures i have of nick and every single one he will have a dorky smile, thumbs up or look just plain retarded..... sigh, but i have stopped caring and im gonna post em anyways lol, thats how my kids will remember thier dad, witht he dorky faces.

Wil had a blast running through the pumkin patch wiping dirt off of every pumpkin and trying to pick up all the "balls" it was a field of balls and he was so excited lol, to bad they were all really heavy.

This one kept him busy for a while.

While we were cleaning off all the orange balls Nick was hunting for the perfect carving pumpkin. He studied half of the pumpkins in the field very carefully maing sure he got the biggest and most perfect pumpkins for us to carve. lol, he cracks me up

While we were waiting for the tractor to come pick us up nick and wil went for a walk through the apples, it was too cute.

Wil and I on the tractor ride. It was soo much fun, they take you all around the orchard through the different kinds of apples making stops at each kind so yuo could stop and pick a few, this place was huge!! by the time we got done walking we wanted to go play with all the kid fun stuff but we were so stinkin tired. we got our apple cider and doughnuts and booked it outta there.

This is Wil in front of his very first house. (that hasn't sold yet) if anyone wants to burn it down we can work something out, we will give you half the insurance money... lol jk..... but seriously

Friday, October 10, 2008

Screaming Baby

I have been trying to catch this on video for the last 2 weeks and i finally caught a little bit. Wil's favorite song is Old McDonald had a Farm. We sing it all the time. aaallll the time. So now apparently he thinks that EiEiOo is an actual word/scentence. He uses it for everything, but lately he has been crying in EiEiOo's. something is stuck in his room, he falls and gets hurt, i hear "aaahhhh eieioooooo aaahhhh eieieoooooo" lol, so if u listen closely this video is of Wil in timeout crying in eieiooo's lol, and a few extra pics that are cute from this week :)

One nap a day really wears us out

This one is for the girlfriends, oh the embarrassment in his future.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This pregnancy, just as my last one, I am most afraid of stretch marks. My belly already looks like a zebra from my last kid if i get any more stretch marks this time Nick will leave me.... lol... but seriously. So i have been experimenting with differnt types of goop to rub on my belly to moisturize it. At walmart this week i picked up some of this stuff
It as the consistency of pomade that you put in ur hair but smelled really yummy so i picked some up, brought it home and lathered up. later that day as i'm sitting with my feet up i get the worst ever craving for candy.. cotton candy... like i have to have some now or ill die. So nick brought some home. lol the next day, i shower, lather up the lotion again, im sitting hanging out with Wil and i need candy again, like desperate need, im rifiling through the kitchen when i realize that its the dumb lotion making me crave sugar!!! the lotion smells exactly like cotton candy!!! jerks, how could they do that in a product made for pregnant women, its just cruel, so do i sacrifice the lotion making me get more stretch marks, or do i keep using the lotion and eat a huge bag of candy every day??
ugh, stuck between a rock and a hard place lol.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My mom sends Wil a cute little letter with cheap fun toys about once a month sometimes more but he loves loves loves them, we sit together and open the card and read what grandma says, she sends a picture too, of either her and my dad or my sibs. its too cute, this last week we got these huge fun balloons and wil had a blast with them.

Today he learned a new "trick" and he thinks hes pretty funny, he will yell at me to get my attention and then start walking backwards, moonwalking if you will, which in Wil's world is pretty tricky lol he has this hillarious face on like "haha look at this" love that kid.

and i had the most interesting conversation with a crazy lady last weekend at a garage sale, you know how people loove to give pregnant women unwanted advise. For some reason, im not sure why, but i mentioned that i sit at the computer all night long and she about had a heart attack. Said that sitting by the computer was soo bad for the baby because of the "scary" radio waves that eminate from the computer!!! aaaaahhhhhhh She had read many articles on how computers give out these "rays" that can hurt the baby's development, stunt them and make them less smart. I then proceded to have my one and a half year old count for her and pick out a few colors and she said taht i must have it under control, lol, it was pretty funny.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ultrasound pics

These are posted mostly for my mom, i think they will turn out better than the ones on facebook cuz those got all grainy and what not.
now these ultrasound pictures are not very good because this kid would not hole still for nothing, he was thrashin and movin and spinning and dancing the whole time, no joke. he didnt stop moving, the radiologist had the hardest time ever even getting these lol, so what i saw of his pretty face was alot nicer than anything that was captured in these funny pics.

that is the best profile picture she could get lol, it was almost comical how he would sit still for 1 second till she went to hit the take picture button and he would move lol, so theres his spine, kinda gross but hey, thats what we got lol

this is labeled all nice so that there is no confusion an the one down below even has an arrow just incase you missed it at the top lol, cracks me up, but the view is from if he was sitting on the camera, so his butt is on the right side he is facing the left and his feet are on the top and the bottom of the pic.

we've already got his name picked out. and it totally fits him already and we barely met lol

YEAY!!!!! more testosterone in my house, thats all i need!!! lol ultrasound pics to come once i can figure out how to work my mother-in-laws scanner.