Thursday, June 9, 2011

Memorial day and Rachel's Graduation!

Soccer started before memorial day! Wil has been loving it and 4 year old soccer is just plain entertaining to watch! There are a couple little kids on his team that are really good though.
Wil is number 4! He got his number 4 jersey on his number 4 birthday :) it was a pretty big deal!
My mom and I took the kids to the Memorial Day parade, none of the other party poopers wanted to go. I really think it is important for my kids to understand why we celebrate holidays and this was an important holiday. We waved flags talked about our country and our freedoms and who fights for those freedoms for us. It was really nice, we had a great time!
When we got home we did some fishing with grandpa O and uncle Steve! The fish were biting like CRAZY!!!! the boys absolutally loved it! and Wil is still telling me about the HUGE fish uncle Steve caught...... apparently it was the size of tango... maybe bigger? lol
Coop and his fishin buddy grandpa O! this has got to be my favorite picture.
Wil sat out there with my dad and steve for at least an hour or longer before Cooper and I even got out there. He was having so much fun.

Aubrey and her fam came to visit and were able to come down to my parents for rachel's graduation!! I had no idea that they were coming to town, she tried to surprise me, and it really worked!!!! She calle dme on tuesday and we talked like we normally talk "hows ur day" "what did ur hubby do wrong today" kind of thing lol (just kidding hun we never talk like that :) then she was like "ok i gotta go i have an appt for eyelashes" and i thought nothing of it..... then like 10 minutes later we are sitting by the sandbox and aubrey just comes walkin down the stairs to the porch... my mind couldnt quite understand... i knew it was aubrey, but she was in utah? how could she be here?? it was crazy, once i realized it was her i jumped up and screamed lol.... totally surprised it was AWESOME!!!!!! i love having her here i wish they lived closer!!! someday... sigh
Cooper talking to uncle Todd... that i sthere whole relationship, he hasnt seen uncle todd since he was 6 months old lol!!!! but todd is coming to my moms at the end of july when Jake comes home from his mission!!! so all of my sibs will be in the same place!!! (if we can talk todd's wife into coming for the week of the party that would be perfect)
Nick and Wil at the graduation cerimony! It was super boring... and the valedictorian's speech was ridiculous.... something about a quilt..... it was hillarious
about 1/4 way through the name readings cooper could not take anymore, so we ran around in circles in the corner
I still cant believe my baby sis is graduated and movin away in the fall!!! its crazy. She is beautiful and funny and i will miss her sooo much!!!!!!! im so very proud of her!