Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sick n Tired!

We have had a week! oh em gee..... Wil had an ear infection the week before and was on a 10day antibiotic, the day after he got off the med he woke up from nap with "the flu" no fever just lots n lots of throw up.... so all afternoon he was sick, then that night he slept sorta okay, didnt eat anything at all but i was okay with that and then he slept on our floor for about 4 hours that night,when he wasnt throwing up, awesome!
The next day i assumed he was feeling better!! my bad, He still wouldnt eat anything all morning but was poundin the 7up so i was okay with that, he woke up from his nap with a high fever, telling me that his ear exploded.... n that there were bugs in there, I call the dr and get all mad cuz he just got off the antibiotic!!! neways, spent the afternoon at the dr and they gave him another antibiotic ( a 3day one, supposedly stronger) that night there was no sleeping, like worse than having a new born no sleeping!! like we had to watch a movie at 3 am just to get the crying to stop kinda no sleep, the movie ended at 5am n i had to just put him in his room n leave him there because if i didn't get to bed for a few hours i might literally die.

In the mean time Nick was practicing like crazy for his audition for the MSU school of music that friday (sickness started on monday) tuesday was the new antibiotic no sleep day, wednesday was zombie day for all, even Cooper, the above pic is from 930 am wednesday morning, when we all finally passed the heck out on the couch. so a little recovery started , we were all feeling better wednesday evening, thursday was almost a normal day, friday was the big day so we're all tryin to keep Nick healthy so that he can sing for a judges in his all day audition. My mom then came to town friday morning, for the weekend. Friday night round 2 of the sickness started, only Nick got it this time! he was up throwing up all night long, so no sleep for me, he was tossing and turning and my mom was on the couch so he had to stay in the bed, at the same time Cooper's molars are trying to rear thier ugly heads.... so he is up every other hour, opposite of nick.... seriously no sleep again, n almost everynight since Coop has had fevers and awful teeth pain, and a useless hubby who is just wiped and sick...

tired, and have not been able to recover

i swear if i get it ima fReAk out

last night i just about lost it, nick was taking a nap, n Coop was walking around making this awful "EEeeaaaaaaeeeeeehhhhhh" screetching noise..... ugh

this is why people drink, its gotta be, or at least one reason

But then, we have some sweet moments too, when i just wanna chew the chocolate off those cheeks and we are friends again :)

just get the sickness outta here, and let me have my family back, or seriously, im gonna freak!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am sooo loving my new layout that i keep checking back just to look at how awesome it is lol.... happy sunday! :D