Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stinkin Baby

So, lets start this story off with where I am writting from!!! The stinkin hospital on bed rest!!! whoohoooo. Baby girl is causin us problems, she thinks she is ready to make her grand enterance into this world, but we are doing everything in our power to keep her tucked in the oven to cook for a while longer.
The problems started monday night, I was up all night with contractions, not super regular or hurty but enough that i was concerned. I had to talk myself into being better safe than sorry and headed on the hour drive to ann arbor to the LAbor and delivery wing. So tuesday morn they had me on the monitors there and sure enough i was contracting every 2 minutes, and they were getting worse. like they kept hurting more. They checked everything out and I was not dialated at all, and everything looked fine except the contractions werent stopping, so they sent me home, thinking that they would stop on their own since they were not progressing labor and I have a history of fast labors. about 4 hours later I decided that we were going back, Its and hour drive, I didnt want to sit up all night long again, not sleep and freak out about what was happening, it wasnt normal for me. usually if i get some contractions i can drink some water and they go away, easy peasy. These, even after they pumped me with 2 bags of fluid, did not go away.
So back in the triage, they hooked me back up and checked me again and i was dialated to about a 1-2, thats when they decided to admit me to try to get the contractions to stop. I didnt get a first dose of medicine to stop the contractions for a little while after that and it wasnt a very strong dose. so it didnt do anything, a couple hours later they checked again and I was at a 4, at about 2am, they gave me another dose. That night at about 3 we had the NICU dr come in and talk to us about what to expect from a 33 week baby. oh also they gave me steroid shots, 2 rounds, to help baby's lungs develope faster in case she did come. Then we sat and waitied and tried to sleep and freaked out and didnt sleep and didnt know what to do. The next morning we were still at a 4, my dr came in a had them give me a big fat dose of the contraction stopping medicine, she sad she wasnt worried about if i could handle it and that she wanted these contractions to stop, she said my blood pressure would be fine, that i ws healthy and could take it. The dose made me feel really light headed and a little sick but it slowed down the contractions. Now im taking this medicine every 6 hours. about an hour before i get the next dose my contractions start again. then once the medicine starts working they slow and go away. I havent been checked since wednesday morning, but they dont want to mess with anything down there unless im in so much pain and the baby is litterally coming out lol
Spent 2 weeks in the hospital, they finally let me go home at 35 weeks, still at a 4 and contracting, stayed on bed rest at home with my mom there still helping till 36 weeks. She went home for a whole week and a half lol, almost 2 weeks i guess she was home.
I had soooo many visitors in the hospital, it was amazing, there was someone there almost every day, i really didnt have time to get too lonely, course i missed my kids like crazy, but my mom brought them up at least every other day, and they stayed and hung out for a long time. it was really great, made the miserableness of the whole thing better.