Monday, October 18, 2010


I've just got to remember the stage wil is at right now, he drives me crazy but the love for this strong willed mean little boy i have is overwhelming.
He and I have been really butting heads lately, he never.... pretty much never listens the first time, i always have to threaten him with something, and then usually the threats get carried out, he spends alotta time in time-out. He gets frustrated sooo easily and yells alot!! I feel like i am constantly making him do things. Even when i'm trying to do something fun! I know we will get out of this funk eventually, because while he can be so mean he is also the best kid in the whole world! He is too smart for his own good, he is hilarious and constantly doing things to try and make us laugh. He is sooo into the airbender (as we all know too well) lol but its just him, He has an airbender staff that he carries around with him like a security blanket, and he usually sleeps with it. I will go in to tuck him in at night and have to pry it out of his hands and recover him up. He is crazy excited for halloween and his airbender costume, he talks about it every single day, a few times a day. We finally made a paper count down chain for halloween so he doesn't wake up everyday hoping that its halloween. We told him that we could shave his head so that he could have a point on his head like the airbender, so he talks about that constantly, and wants to shave his head today. Everyone he meets he tells that he is going to be the airbender.... apparently not everyone knows who the airbender is.... waitresses, random people at meijer.... lol
He is so completely different that his little brother, Coop doesn't freak out nearly as bad as Wil does, or did at his age. So i know its not all my fault, i just have to stick with it and be consistent, but man does he drive me crazy!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

We had some family pics taken by my friend Lara! she did an awesome job!!! theres a link to her website on the left side of my blog! there are more to come these are just a couple i pulled off of facebook! They turned out great considering my boys were less than cooperative! but oh well lol

We have made quite a few trips to the Orchard this season, this is Spicers orchard, and it is a real blast. the big box of corn is my favorite, but dirtier than sand but they played forever!

And went down the slides over and over and over.

I went to my mom's this weekend and she helped me sew Wil's halloween costume!!!
he is obviously going to be "The Last Airbender" since he now belives himself to be the last airbender.... lol, yes we will be phasing him out of this and not encouraging him anymore after halloween, no more airbender...... cuz for real, he seriously thinks he is the airbender... for real

And this pic i needed to post, my mom..... eating an eye ball, lol, she was trying to get Wil to try some and he would not..... it came in that tube full of liquid "candy" i tasted some and think i got diabetes.... from one taste..... ickoo