Thursday, March 14, 2013


Crashed while watching mickey, on the cars couch with blankie and baby.... It's do hard trying to switch to one nap, she made it till 11 though!!


Mom!!! You just cracked my finger ankles!!!
Word of the day,
Finger ankles

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hangin out

We have had a doosey of a couple weeks, but here are some calm and happy pictures, hanging out at the library, bein crazy. Ember loves the story time at the.library, she is really starting to get into it, shaking the bean bags and doin wheels on the bus. She is so not wanting to walk, which is fine with me ;) she still wears mostly 9 month clothes, we did have a check up on Tuesday.
Here's her stats

20.05 lbs - 55th percentile
.....don't remember her inches but its the 50th percentile, same for her head

She's my tiny peanut, since the boys were always 90th and 100th for copper ;)
We had a nice day on Sunday so we dusted off the bikes, I hope we can get our over careful Wil to ditch the training wheels this year ;) we've got to rebuild muscles.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nick n Ember's birthdays!

<p>What a fun weekend! I am so glad that we are done with birthdays for a while, talk about poor planning, geeez 3 birthdays in 2 weeks, and right after Christmas, talk about broke!!! Ember had a great day, at least I think, on Saturday, we didn't go anywhere, but we really partied! We set up a ball balloon pit tent and had a bubble machine, tons of pink cake and girly presents. Her favorite gift is one from grandma Annie, its this horribly creepy baby doll, its eyebrows/forehead go up and down when you put a bink or bottle in her mouth, I told grandma it was super creepy before she settled n still got it for ember, and of course she loves it and once she opened it could of cared less about all the stuff we got her, ugh dumb thing lol, <br>
With the boys the day after they turned one they were off bottles and fully on normal milk, but I'm dragging my feet with this baby, I blame it on her not having many teeth, which she doesn't, but really I just want her to stay a baby for a while longer ;) <br>
Nicks birthday was awesome too, he got a bunch of fun.stuff, I really tried to make up for last year when I bought his gifts the day I went into labor and we came home with a new baby on his bday n I barely did anything for him lol, fun fun weekend though!!