Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas 2012

These are all terribly out of order, so I will just put a quick caption under them and hopefully not have to ever have such a big post lol
Along with my Christmas Gift my Boys made me a story book that was full of pictures of their trip to target to pick out my gift,  it was hilarious,  and made me cry, I cry a lot
Christmas morning!!  Nick has an app on his phone that when you say "cheese" the camera will take a pic!!!  Ember didn't quite get it,  daddy jumped behind us and said cheese and she just kept lookin at him :)

After Christmas Nicks parents took us to Traverse city to the Great Wolf Lodge for 2 nights and 3 days, It really was awesome,  we had a lot of fun,  The boys had their own little sweet with bunks in them in our room and a tv,  it was so awesome

This was the top of the bunk :)

 Glitter Tatoos!!!!
 This was from the beginning of Dec when we sent our letters out to Santa,   They were pretty cute,  Cooper asked for a bed for Ember, "because cribs aren't beds"
 The whole crew in the lobby of Great Wolf Lodge

 This was that day at Castaway, Right before we lost cooper lol
 Nick and Ember and I played Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in the Live Nativity at church :)  it was awesome.
 Three Kiddos!
 Joseph and Baby Jesus :)

 We went out to see Santa in the Novi mall,  He was an awesome Santa Wil leaned over to me when he saw him and said "I think that might be the REAL one!!!"

 1 more sleep!!!
Christmas really was fun this year,  they are at such perfect ages,  the excitement was tangible

 Both boys got Reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter) to scatter in the yard to that Rudolf could smell the house and see it sparkle from the sky,  wil took his time and scattered it evenly everywhere, and cooper threw one handful and then dumped it all in a big pile in the middle of the driveway lol, 
 We spent Christmas eve with grandma and grandpa blaine and Ember got her hand painted toy box!!!   its gorgeous and matches her bedding,  so perfect, I love it a lot!!!!   I gave her a blanket to paint it from  which I did with Wils toy box and his turned out great too!  Coopers I just asked for a sports theme...  and well it was kinda lame.....  lol so I am super glad I didn't do that this time :)

 Christmas morning!!!!  They were so excited,  I think they woke us up at 7, but Wil said that they had been up for a while lookin at the boxes :) 
 When we got home from great wolf lodge we left nick at home and headed to iowa for new years!!!  We had a dance party with a fog machine and Jake n Rachel were there,
We took the kids sledding behind Grandma Granzow's house and they cried like little girls,  it was hilariously frusterating lol,  It took us 45 mins to get sledding clothes for everyone,  snow pants for me n Rachel and grandma n grandpa,  we all got over there and it was soooo cold that we went down the hill 2 times and the boys were both crying so hard, they got snow in their faces, or wil thought he broke his foot,  lol so we called it early,   stinkin pansie girld,  they needed their daddy there to smack the sissy outta them!!!

Cooper got lost

So today I took the kids to Castaway CafĂ© by myself on a Saturday!!!   They were crazy running around the apartment like animals and had so much energy,  it was like rain/snowing outside so I decided it was a good idea,  that place is nuts on a Saturday and they jacked up the prices since we were there last.  Wil is 5 at this point,  Coop is 3, and Ember is 9 months and not realy crawling,  like army crawling.
We were there playing for at least 4 hours,  we got there when it opened,  we had lunch there a few hours later,  then played some more. That's when it started to get really busy,  there were a lot of kids there,  so we decided it was time to head out,  The kids are always right by me,  I know where they are and they never wander off for more that 5 mins without coming back for a drink or to ask for something else lol,  So we all decided we would go down the slide one more time then head out. I told Cooper one more time,  he said ok!  then ran off.  10 mins later I he still hadn't come back,  im lookin for him,  looking in the big structure, but I don't see him.  So I send Wil in to get him and tell him we have to go. Wil does a lap and he cant find him,  not panicked I send Wil into the Bounce House room,  and the arcade room to look for him,  Wil comes back and says he still cant find him..... So a little worried now I do a lap through all the rooms and don't see him,  Now Im starting to stress out,  I do one more lap,  yelling for him,  don't see him anywhere. So I find a worker,  I tell her that I hate to be "That mom" but it has been 20 mins and I cant find my 3 year old!!!  So they ask me his name and what he looks like and she and 3 other workers do a lap through the rooms to look for him. When they still cant find him my panic really set in,  I felt like I was going to vomit and there were a million horrible scenarios running through my head. At this point it had been about 30 mins since I had seen him. The workers then went and got all the workers,  shut the doors down not letting anyone out or in, so there was at least 10 people plus the owners hollering for cooper and everyone was looking,  that's when they sent 3 girls up into the play structure and I actually told the lady "Cooper doesn't hide though,  its been a long time, he wouldn't do that"  I shouldn't of said that because I was really "that mom" then who thought her kid would never do something lol,  But then I pulled Wil aside and asked him to say a prayer,  I was pretty much hyperventilating,  I was having a hard time breathing and I was holding ember who was totally passed out the whole time. But we sat down and Wil said an awesome prayer that heavenly father would help us find cooper and that he would be okay, We were going on 45 mins at this point.  After he said amen,  we looked up and were watching the girls in the structure and I see him,  Someone found him!!!  He had been hiding in a tube in the structure for 45 mins,  I hadn't cried at all this whole time, until he comes down the slide with a giant smile on his face and then I just broke,  I gave him the biggest hug and was just bawling,  then I thanked everyone, apologized profusely, and then we went home, I asked him what he was doing?!?!  Why were you up there>!>!  mommy couldn't find you,  u have to come check in every few minutes it had been too long,  I went on and on,  I asked him why he was up there and he said "I didn't want to go home so I stayed up there"
So when we got home he got in big trouble,  went right to his room and I made him take a nap till daddy got home....  it was awful, 
But sweet Wil had an awesome experience with an answer to his prayer and he was very excited to see it work like that. It was great to hear him tell me that heavenly father heard and answered his prayers.