Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rachel got married!!!!

My sister and bestie just informed me that my brother and his wife got their own post and i totally didnt post at all about Rachel's wedding!!!!!   well,   here is the post about it!!!  it was amazing,  but also sad because of our move across the country in August we could afford to get the whole gang out to California for the wedding in December... super sad.  So Ember and I flew out together the day after christmas which was a blast,  being 4 months preggo and flying with an almost 2 year old on my lap.... oye vey....  But first we had to stop and get food so the first pics are us eating at the airport :)
luckily the flight down there the only empty seat in the whole plane was the one beside me!!!!!  yeay!!!!!  so she got her own seat for the first flight :)

  It was great to be able to go through a temple session with all my siblings and their spouses,  i missed nick like crazy...... it was hard but it was still an awesome experience

 Then we had the " bachelorette party"......   none of us were from there we had no idea where to eat so we found a crappy chinese place which we thought was a yummy sushi place... the sushi was okay ,  the food was also .... ok   lol,   but she wore the gorgeous ring/veil i got her the whole night

 Then we made a stop at Wal,art for some sparkling cider and something else,  some kind of food..... my mom prolly wanted to get toilet paper.....   yeah we had to bring the baby too lol  EPIC PARTY!!!!!!

 My mom was a good sport and used her Penis straw with all the ladies.... lol it was a riot....   rachels first thought "Is it really veiny like that in real life"...... lol   too much fun

 When the boys got home Rachel tried to get Jake to drink from a penis straw.... that didnt go so well....   lol
 Of course i did Rachel's hair..... who else would really?!

We followed them around for pictures and carried her dress and was moral support I think,  i cried a lot,  it was a little embarassing,  and i didnt bring any makeup to fix my face..... sad day for me

 This was Embers face like the whole weekend,   it was stinking awful. she was miserable and overwhelmed and all out of sorts,  it was too sad


The next day we went and played in San Fransisco with grandma and grandpa and ate the most yummy crab cakes in the whole freaking world.....  really,  i still dream about them

September 14

Ember started preschool (Joy school) shes goes once a week, i stay with her,  she does great! it is really good for her :)  she is a little young for it but does great still

grandma Annie came down for a visit and we had a blast!!!!   We ate and ate and ate and played and shopped,   so much fun!

Went to Babes chicken,  it was yummy :)

Dax rolled over for the first time!!!!

also he cried a lot

But also he is super crazy cute!!!

The apartment complex did an Ice bucket challenge and dumped a bunch of ice in the pool,  like 1000 lbs of ice and then they dumped ice water on their heads then jumped in,  it was super cute

I love this kid

Also this kid,  she is full of drama,  im not sure what she was sad over but we were trying to get the boys to school in the morning and she was super upset about something,  im pretty sure she forgot about them too


so much love

Wil got a new hoodie

we went to the beach

pressing pause

Boom September!!!!   

also we put an offer on a house on the last day of september and they accepted it!!!!!!!!
soooooo if all of the legal financial crap works out we might be in a house by the end of the year!!!!  holy crap balls....... crazy