Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Put up the baby gate today, they aren't excited about it.... Lol ember doesnt need to be trapped but Daxon really does. I'm tired of him breaking everything, like everything..... We will see how this goes. 
Coopers school nurse sent him home yesterday from school saying he has strep, he had no fever, he hasn't, which is why i was so torn about taking him in to the Dr, cuz he seems fine. He had blisters show up on Friday night, I let him sit like that and sent him to school Monday. The nurse was all "blisters are NOT normal" she was super sassy with implying I was a bad mom. 
So at the Dr today he tested neg for strep (ha!) I'm not a bad mom, it looked like a cold sore and not strep, I like that I have a good gut. Got him a note and am sending him back tomorrow. She says he isn't contagious. He does have some sores on the inside of his lips now, but they aren't a big deal.
Sassy school nurse. She sends him home all the time.... Aaaaalllllll the time. He's fine! I feel like calling the school and telling her I'm not a bad mom..... :)