Monday, February 1, 2016

Dax the destroyer

After i had my emotional break down yesterday morning,  i shook it off and went to get in the shower... I went out to check on the kids,  everything seemed to be in ok order for me to shower, little kids watching a tv show,  big kids playing a game,  ive got 20 mins.
I get out of the shower and hear Cooper "Noo Nooo Daxy!!!!"  but a lot meaner than normal... So i go check it out,  cooper is walking away all no big deal i ask what happened, "daxon is making a big mess with chocolate syrup"
Scene in the livingroom ---  Wil on little couch playing minecraft on laptop totally oblivious to life,  Daxon standing in a pool of chocolate syrup, covered in it,   in his hair all over his clothes,  dumping syrup onto the $70 ps4 controller on the couch,  and rubbing all the syrup all the freak over the couch.... allllll over,    right next to the brand new ps vita that santa brought for christmas...
que the cleaning,   i hand the ps4 remote straight to nick,    it was everywhere then clean up the baby then stick him in time out,   nick is yelling at the big boys for being completely oblivious to what was happening,   cooper for leaving the syrup out,  wil for not noticing life around him...   20 mins later of frantic sobbing cleaning,  
where is the baby?
Oh of course
in the bathroom,   with my makeup sprawled out on the rug,  and dumping my powder bronzer all over the freaking place and rubbing it around like snow......
are you kidding me?!?!?   time out
why are there a million people in this house and we cant keep track of one baby for like 10 mins... why,  
also yesterday he dumped a cup of milk on the ground and splashed in it like the water park
oh and cooper has strep throat,  but i didnt want to take him to the dr,  there is only one blister and i dont want to spend the money on it
then we were skyping my mom later,   and for some horrible reason a red crayon got put by the fan on the laptop,   didnt notice it,   went to pick up said lap top after insane crazy child on sugar crack skype date with grandma and it is dripping red goo,   all over the bottom of the computer all over the piano bench and something bounces in the drips onto my favorite rug......
red crayon
my brain isnt working fast enough i think "save the computer"  so i run to the kitchen and wipe off the computer then i had that all done realized it was wax and it was drying and it was red......
my rug!!!!
doomed......   dry red wax everywhere.....
f my life......
lol!!!!!   good thing i got all my crying out in the morning
oh and my dryer died..... and my van needs another new tire,  but last weekend nicks old car had a blow out on the expressway so he needs tires more lol
we are good,  i am blessed,  we are well taken care of
i am just so tired...
and pregnant
and crazy
and daxon is a lot of work
so we ordered an extra large baby gate,  and now he will be in baby jail...... for the remainder of this phase of destruction,
or until he speaks english better and cares that he is in time out
baby gate gets here tomorrow :)
i really need to keep track of these things,   because one day when he is in middle school i will say something to the effect of "daxon was the best baby,  i miss him that little,  he was just so squishey and precious"
because i will have totally forgotten days like yesterday
never forget........   lol