Thursday, February 26, 2015

december 14

remodeling the house for the first few weeks of december felt like the longest time ever... We didnt have hot water for 2 weeks, which was awful,  trying to figure out who was going to pay for it when we were told it was working in the inspection and that the remodeling money wouldnt cover it,  and trying to find money in places when there was no more money lol........ oh gosh it was hard.   but i had a nice new stove to boil water on in four differnt giant pans so i could gives the kids baths...  I would go over to friends houses for preschool or playgroup and ask to use thier showers lol,  I got so sick,  the worst cold of my whole life couldnt sleep for those two weeks either because i was coughing soooooo much, I was wiped out physically mentally emotionally,  and on top of that we found out during this time that Nick wouldnt have ajob at this same school next year. So he is now on the job hunt again........ Life is really scary and not funny sometimes...... Im not sure what lessons we are supposed to be learning but I hope and pray that we learn them fast :)

 Wil got his own room and his own big comfy bed :)   he loves it,  i like it more than my own,  too bad its a double or we would trade him!
 Ember wearing the dress I wore for christmas when I was 2!  i love it, and she loved it, even though it was ugly red velvet and had a huge collar.  shes so cute and loved how it twirled out when she spun :)
 She was so very scared of Santa.  and then was scared of the library for weeks after. she would cry when we pulled up "Noooooo mom im scared of santa! i dont want to go in there!

My cutie kids!   They are seriously the best things ever..... like ever,
Ember helped me make the puppy chow for christmas!

 Christmas Eve Eve we had a party and invited a bunch of people so that we could have an end date to all of our projects,  so we pushed and pushed and had the house ready by then,  so that we could chill and enjoy christmas!  

Christmas Eve was awesome,  we had a nice fire,  baked cookies and frosted them all day long,  had ham and potatoes for dinner,  Ember and Cooper were Joseph and MAry in our Nativity and Daxy played baby Jesus. It was a beautiful calm and awesome day, just what we needed.

Christmas morning was an awesome one!  There was a giant present for Ember, My mom and my Grandpa Oesterle made her this gorgeous and huge barbie house,  You can play on it from all four sides, its 3 floors and has stairs and rooms,  she got a bunh of princess barbies and furniture to fill it..   it was awesome and she was spoiled,  that doll house will last her alifetime though, it is one sturdy awesome piece of furniture!

The day after christmas we packed up and headed to Galveston for a week!  Nick's parents rented a gorgeous yellow house on the ocean for us to stay in for the week!  THe weather did not cooperate with us and it was cold and rainy pretty much all week,   but we are Michiganders and a little cold weather didnt stop us!!!!  we still played and saw the sights and ate great food. slept listening to the loud ocean right in the backyard,  it was truely an amazing vacation spot.

Nick and I got to go out for dinner on New Years eve alone!!!!!   we ate at this cool little place on a pier. super fun and yummy,  we tried to put the stress of life on a shelf and enjoy eachothers company n not think about real life for a while,   easier said than done though :)

my kids are exhausting.....  lol   dax was crying because the nosemakers were too loud and Wil was pretending to smoke his.... lol